Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Island Time


Oops...I'm a little late for Valentine's Day but I've been saving this picture for a year so Happy Valentines Day! According to island time I'm still not too late! :)

Love this trail marker on a hike on one of the islands

We've just plugging along. Well, actually, we haven't. We've been in Georgetown for several weeks now. We move around to different beaches but basically we're in the same area. It's really fun here.

Malaika is the boat in the middle

Just gonna share some pics....I have writer's block. Hence, the reason no blog for 10 days. Enjoy the photo op!

Our friends on s/v Corsair rented a car the other day & invited us to tour the island. It was so fun & we reached the "the Tropic of Cancer" !

Tropic of Cancer


For those of you who didn't see it on Facebook.....Scott & Jib got up early on Valentines Day & went on a hike to pick an island bouquet for me.....I was so surprised, I cried. Love those two guys.

Our backyard right now....


Cool Captain


Very busy at the dinghy dock today.....where's Waldo/Scott?!


Me & Jib exploring "the jungle" ha ha


Poison wood tree



Life is good. Jib is so happy. We are most of the time too. :)

These are some different lobster Scott shot the other day. They are called "slipper lobster"


Another fun day at the beach!


Michelle, Scott & Jib



Friday, February 6, 2015

Island Update

Me & My Shadow

Just a quick update cuz' our internet is running low & I can't renew it for awhile. The weather has been bad the past couple days. I did hitch a dinghy ride to town today (Scott couldn't take me cuz he hurt his back diving yesterday) anyway, I got a ride & we made it to town easily but the weather turned quickly & I couldn't make it to the telephone company.

Scott discovered a yummy drink called "The Bob Marley" at Sandals Resort.

We just returned to Georgetown after a few AWESOME days at Emerald Bay Marina. Ahhhh...our first Marina since leaving Florida in early November. I will expand on this when I have more internet. All I can say is.....I highly recommend it. It was 50 cents a foot, free laundry, free hot showers, free trash disposal. Pure luxury.

Quick selfie before I take my first "real" hot shower since November. It was a Glory Hallelujah moment.


Me & my buddy Donna hitching a ride to the store.


Scott, Jib, & our friend James

It never ceases to amaze me how locals will pull over to pick up 4 people & & 70 pound dog. Gotta love the islands. We were so grateful cuz the store was way too far to walk to & we got rides both directions.

Playing croquet at Sandals Resort


Ther weather is HORRIBLE today so I'll have the rest of the pics for another time. We need to save the internet we have for checking email & weather.

Happy Birthday Momma!

Last but definetley not least, we just want to say Happy Happy Birthday to Scott's Mom. Have a wonderful time in the D.R. @ Punta Cana! Hope you have a wonderful birthday. We love & miss you everyday.

The hunting continues. Tiger grouper are becoming a "norm" on Malaika. Scott is good hunter..aargh!


Michelle, Scott & Jib