Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day !!

Omg! I can NOT believe we are half way through February!!! It's true that time flies when you're having fun. I wanted to do a post yesterday on actual Valentines Day but just ran out of time. Our day started with re-anchoring our boat from the more protected area to the "suburbs" where all the cruisers hang out.

Look at all those masts!!

Then we went to the island and walked to the ocean beach. As I said in the last blog, despite the huge number of boats here, you do still feel like you have the beach all to yourself.

I wish it didn't show so much that I made Jib pose with me....his face tells it all! He's like "great. Another picture. Just wanna go play."

After our lovely beach hike we went diving with our friends Kath & Dan on s/v Majiks. We met them last summer in St Augustine so it's been a really fun reunion. Kath & I didn't get in the water cuz it was a little rough for snorkeling but Scott & Dan had a blast diving/hunting. The days catch was bountiful...lobster, fish, conch..the guys had to call it a day though when the sharks started showing up. More than one black tip reef shark came to "investigate" so it was time to go. The guys said the first shark they saw was 6 feet long. That doesn't sound so big but keep in mind, that's the size of an average MAN !! It's very intimidating to be in the water with creatures as big or bigger than you....especially when they are carnivors. There is this whole other universe happening in our oceans and you must respect it, know your place, & leave when the big boys come to play.

After the dive we went to "Volleyball Beach" which is the social hub here in Georgetown. It's pretty cool. There are some local stingrays that hang out here....

Jib is totally fascinated watching the stingrays...



There are also 3 beach volleyball courts & EVERY day you can play at 2pm.

And of course there is a bar...

Last night there was a spectacular Valentines Day dance(I think my first Valentines dance since JR high!) at Chat N Chill. We had so much fun dancing & meeting all the other cruisers. What a blast!


Jib looks much happier posing with Scott..

We'll probably leave here in a couple days...gotta make the most of our time here in the Exumas. We plan on heading back to Florida the 1st or 2nd week of April so.....tick tock!! Pretty soon we'll have to head north again.

Love & Miss you!!

Michelle, Scott & Jib


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Georgetown, Exumas...It's gonna get windy!


As the title says, we are now in Georgetown, Exumas. This is a large city in the Exumas & yet, we still have so much beach & water to ourselves. There are probably close to 200 boats here but it doesn't seem crowded. In fact, we think it's really pretty here.

Malaika tucked in & ready for the storm...

We moved our boat today away from the main anchorage to try & get better protection for the next bit of weather. Heavy winds(25-35mph) expected out of the west tonight.....that big front hitting the east coast of the U.S. affects us here too.....there really just isn't a good spot in all of the Exumas for west winds but I think Scott found us a comfy place. We'll see.....

One trail to an ocean beach

In the couple of days we've been here we've just been exploring...checking things out.



We met these two young guys the other day....they have been paddling their kayaks all the way from BRAZIL!!!


Today...more exploring...before the weather hits...


So far for us, Georgetown seems cool. The reviews among the cruising community are mixed. Some people really dislike it here. There are a lot of boats, & the town is larger than any other in Exumas but to's ok. Seems like a great place to reprovision (there are groceries, laundry, banks, propane refill, etc) AND...because of the large number if boats there are TONS of social activities going on which are very well organized. I can see how after awhile, it would get "old" but for a week or's cool.

I'm not sure what my internet will be like the next couple days. The weather & a glitch in my Betelco (Bahamas phone company) may cause a problem...hopefully, we'll still have access. If not, I'll post as soon as possible.

Love & miss you

Michelle, Scott & Jib


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Farmers Cay, Exumas

We have been having an amazing amount of fun since reaching the Exumas. It's soooo beautiful here. We've been to the Exumas before but this is the farthest south we've ever been. I'm so happy to have some "pretty good" internet that I think I'll just post some pics. Tomorrow we head to Georgetown. Sort of a cruisers Mecca. We've never been so it should be fun. We spent the past couple days at Little Farmers Cay for their February festival. What a blast!! Scott won the men's contest for cutest buns & nicest legs. The prize was a bottle of rum. I'd show ya the pics but I think Scott would kill me. Lol. Let me just say, I think the silver speedo is what won the crowd over. oh okay....I'll show ya....wish you coulda heard them cheer him on. It was fabulous.

Scott's turn at the hot buns contest....notice the guys in the back ground...
Scott collecting his prize with the 2nd place finisher....
Look at the guys now....they all just lost it when Scott flashed them with his awesome silver was epic.
Scott collecting his prize with the 2nd place finisher....

In between the weekend festivities we did a little island exploring. There is a great cave to "splunk" just north of Little Farmers Cay.

Yesterday the festival was in full swing & we spent the day with some great friends on s/v Last Waltz. There was a boat race & just all around good fun for the whole day.



Bahamian racer...

Hope the internet connection I have right now lasts for awhile. Love & miss everybody!!!


Michelle, Scott & Jib


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Woo Hoo!! Super Bowl !!!


Scott's so happy we have a good spot for the game....notice he has on orange & blue....go Denver!!!

Some things in this world just feel so "American"....and watching the Super Bowl is one of them. Yay!!! We found a great little place to catch the game. And BONUS!! Free wifi. We've been having a really nice time just chillin in Staniel Cay. It's so beautiful & despite how many boats there are's very quiet.

I know it doesn't seem like it...but Jib loves the beach..



So...tomorrow (or the next day...) we will continue south. Just little island hops here & there on our way to Georgetown. There's a big festival on one of the islands south of us (Farmers Cay) starting Friday & our goal is to go to that. Im so excited to have high speed internet, I'm just going to post more pics!

Hundreds of burgees (boat flags) at Staniel Cay Yacht Club


The grocery store


Scott loves retirement.

The game is starting soon. All the good American stuff (America the Beautiful, the Anthem) is starting so I gotta go.

Love & Miss everybody!!

Michelle, Scott & Jib


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Even The Best Laid Plans....

So I know in the last blog I said we were leaving Staniel Cay the following morning & heading south to Georgetown but....we're still in Staniel. We woke up the next day & just didn't feel like moving I guess. So we didn't. Ho hum. Island time. The wind is not in our favor to move south now until next week so we're just chillaxin here. It's beautiful so, no problem mon' !!

Staniel Cay is a little cheaper than other places in the Exumas. I should clarify, when I say cheaper I mean beer, restaurant prices, etc. I have no idea what the Marina prices are but I do know it cost $15/day for wifi. Today we dinghied into town to run some errands. Our trash was piling up so we needed to deal with that. There is a very convenient dumpster next to the dinghy landing owned by the Staniel Cay Yacht Club cost $5 per bag to throw your trash there. can take a walk to the dump & toss it yourself for free, so that's what we did. Saved $10.

Scott was a little tired after our trip to the dump...the ciguatera is still lingering. Profound fatigue is one of the side effects. He has good days & bad days. On bad days he just has no energy.....which is very hard for Scott...he's a very active, fit person. Luckily, he feels good when he's in the water cuz' that's his favorite thing to do here. Ciguatera sucks. Anyways, he got comfy at the yacht club & I went to do a little grocery shopping.

My grocery trip was a total bust as the food boat comes on by Thursday there is nothing left. The gals told me to return Friday after 3:30 & I could get some tomatoes & eggs then. Which I'm sure I'll pay big bucks for. Which is ok. It's crazy how fresh veggies are such a luxury when you can't have them whenever you want. A dozen eggs will probably be $5 & the tomatoes will be around $3 each. But I'll be there at 3:30! I really don't know how locals afford things here. I thought at first maybe the locals paid different prices than us, but I don't think they do now. I've been in line behind seems we're all paying the same.

So anyways....we're off to take Jib to the beach & then go diving somewhere & then dinghy to town so I can get some tomatoes!

Love & Miss everybody!!! Xxxxoooo

Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib.

P.S. So....I've been trying to post this blog for a couple days. I took out all the pictures & maybe it will work now...??? While we're here in Staniel Cay, I'll be posting pics on Facebook. For whatever reason, it works there (still very slow) but not on the blog.