Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On The Blog Again!!!!!

So......we're back on the boat. I gotta's awesome! I CAN NOT WAIT for the Bahamas.

Soooo good to be home. Things are in motion..of course lots of boat projects....but in about a month we'll be headed to the Bahamas. The boat & St Augustine feels like home. So happy to be with Scott & Jib. In between boat stuff we take a quick little dinghy ride almost everyday to a little private island where Jib is free to run off leash & swim, & just do whatever he wants. Those of who who follow us know how DOG UNFRIENDLY Florida public beaches This is fun for us.

Super excited to do the blog again....not sure if I have any reader's left. I didn't write all summer. I worked. Scott worked too & now it's time to play! Yay!!

Stay tuned!!

Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib



judy fritz said...

sad I didn't get to say farewell but glad you're back where you you guys. Judy

Guy said...

i will say that i read everything you write and love the pictures.. scott you look exactly the same after all these years. have a great season.

Anonymous said...

yay the blog is back! S/V Second Star is reading!

Fiar Winds

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
great to see you blogging!
andy "Mellowseas"