Sunday, April 5, 2015

I Used To Do A Blog......

Hey everybody! It's been awhile. About 2 months since I've done a blog. At first I was suffering from writer's block. Then, some personal things came up & the blog just didn't seem important. All is well now & I miss my blog! we go.

So much has happened since my last blog on Valentine's Day. We stayed in Georgetown, Bahamas for about 6 weeks. It's so fun there...especially during the Regatta. Once again, Scott was "invited" to participate in the volleyball tournament. Volleyball is SERIOUS business in Georgetown so it's a huge compliment to be invited.

Scott's newest (I should say..."on-going") hobby is free diving/hunting. Scott & his dive buddies definetely improved their skills this year. Free diving 30-40 feet is now the norm but they dive deeper than that...on one breath. It's pretty impressive.

We left the Bahamas Thursday morning. We arrived in Cape Canaveral, Florida friday morning at 10:30. The crossing was AWFUL!!! Very nice on the banks of the Bahamas but once we entered the Gulf Stream things got ROLLEY!!! Our boat has never rolled side to side so dramatically. Our rails hit the water twice. SCAREY! Poor Jib...he was a complete wreck. I was sort of a wreck. Somewhere in the middle of the night Scott discovered that Jib calmed WAY down if we laid next to him on the cockpit floor & covered up his eyes with a blanket.

Another new hobby...."Durfing" riding a surf board while being pulled behind the dinghy..


There are so many stories & pictures to share. I'm back.....the blog is reborn! Stay tuned!!!

Happy Easter everyone!


Michelle, Scott & Jib


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