Saturday, October 31, 2015

What's In Your Ditch Bag?

Tick Tock....the final countdown...we're hoping to be on the move in a month so time to check the safety gear which includes A LOT of stuff & one that will really matter most in an emergency is "The Ditch Bag". All boaters who travel any distance have one. It's something you never really give much thought about will if you need it! So basically, a "Ditch Bag" includes survival stuff in case the boat sinks. Every year I check our PLB (Personal Location Beacon), make sure it still works.

We don't have an EPIRP so it's pretty important . The rest of the stuff I just kinda peek at. This year, since it's been 4 years since I originally packed that bag...I decided to really look at it....perhaps, my ideas for the ditch bag may have changed after actually living on the boat/Sea.

Ditch Bag Must Haves..includes fishing tackle

So, it turns out I changed almost nothing about the ditch bag contents. The good news about sailing in much traveled waters that aren't more than 100 miles away from the USA...(I.e. Bahamas, Caribbean), we don't need much . I think "crossing an ocean" ditch bag would include a different list of a real life raft...we only have our dinghy, a water disterally system, an EPIRP...etc. The only thing I added was 2 hats with wide brims, we decided to get 2 more PLB's, I changed all the batteries, & the last items I added were a pencil & pad of paper.

It seems like in all the shipwreck movies, the survivors have a journal.

So our boat projects continue. I can't wait to show you the woodwork Scott has done, new anchoring set up, new lights! And lots of new bronze.....

Stay tuned..

Michelle, Scott & Jib

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