Friday, January 29, 2016

Marathon, Florida


So...I can hardly believe it's been a month since we left our home at Port Canaveral Yacht Club. We are now in Marathon, Florida. It's in the Florida Keys. There are approx. 437 boats here. So many boats....we had to anchor in a creek adjacent to the mooring field which actually worked out great. Our buddies on s/v Last Waltz helped us get in here. I love this little's much quieter & more protected than the actual anchorage of Marathon. I've heard the down fall of this little creek is bugs...Mosquitos, no-seeums, etc....but for us there has always been a little breeze so no bug problems. Except one evening, the wind completely died & yes, the No-Seeums came to visit/bite. I can see how this spot, with certain weather conditions would be "buggy".

Small pic of Marathon

So... Tomorrow we are sailing to Key West, then Sunday heading south west......we should be in Isla Mujeras, Mexico (just north of Cancun) in about 4-6 weeks. We're just gonna take our time & island hop along the way. I will not have internet for about a month so.....look for pics on Facebook cuz if I get a little wifi along the way, that's the easiest, fastest way to share. Love & miss everybody!! Enjoy some pics.....

Our buddies...Monique & Bob from s/v Last Waltz...good times



Navigator Jib....


See you soon

, LOVE, Scott, michelle, & Jib











Last Waltz Adventures said...

So glad we had another chance to meet up! See ya in Mexico...fair winds and pleasant seas....S/V Last Waltz

Carl & Wue Windrose said...

It has been a couple of years since we cruised. We're on land again.

Regret that we did not get to scratch Jib behind the ear while you were in Marathon. We're spending a week or so here. Weather looks pretty good so we're guessing you will leave KW today. If you were going to be there for another day or two we'd drive down and share a drink.

Wishing you fair winds and following seas,

Carl & Sue
s/v Windrose

JB said...

Hi Scott, Michele and Jib. Nice meeting you today in the lagoon at Isla Mujeres. I hope to see you this week. I want to hear about your month in Cuba!
Été Infini with captain Jean-Marie Fortin.

shinybrightskies said...

Dr. Scott! So random that I came across your blog! So happy to see that you married the beautiful nurse you were dating when you delivered our son's (Jack and Sam) and so elated to see you cruising! Not sure if you remember us.. Melissa & Ben Allison (husband is an Aussie..) You delivered Jack in 2005 and Sam in 2006. Last appointment I had with you before we moved to Seattle in 2009/2009 you mentioned moving to Belize and opening a clinic or doing something of the like.. Fast forward to the other day... Ben and I were watching a House Hunters International show about a couple looking to open a clinic in Belize and it made me wonder what happened to you after you left the family practice. I googled your name and voila! There you were on a cruising blog looking happy as can be! Funnily enough Ben and I have been contemplating a boat-life for about 8 years now and just moved from Seattle to Sanford, Florida this past February. Ben came to Miami a couple of years ago to look at a boat and decided that we should move to Florida for some sun as 3 years in Seattle was great but the lack of vitamin D was getting to us ;-) We are hoping to get to live aboard status in the next 5 years. So who knows.. we may run into you again by sea :-) Anyhow.. I had to say hello! I hope you're both sailing safely and look forward to future posts from you two. Take care!! Melissa Allison P.S. here are some links to some photos of us to help jog your memory.. and some of the boys we brought into this world with your help!
1: Us in New Zealand on the Shotover River, 2012 - seriously.. this is our only family photo where someone isn't pulling a face and all 4 of us are in it.
2. Ben and Sam in our run about:
3. Sam & Jack in Paris.. see what I mean about pulling faces?
4. Sam, Jack & friends in Dusseldorf 2015

P.S. If you are ever in the central Florida area and on land and want to catch up we'd love to have you guys over! If you ever need a hand when you are back and docked please feel free to email us.. Ben loves all things sailing - if our youngest (Sam) wasn't a type one diabetic we would have sailed out 2 years ago... for now its vicariously :-) our email is lebombshop at gmail dot com Happy sailing!!!