Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is


 We've been in St. Augustine for a few days now. We moved the boat to a slip at our favorite Hidden Harbor Marina yesterday morning. It's great to be back in St. Augustine. I love this town. It's beautiful, has tons of history (it's the oldest city in America), & just an overall good vibe.

Plus, it's a very boat friendly town. It's been wonderful to see our friends here at the marina. Jib has been getting most of the attention....everyone was shocked to see how big he is now. So, this will be Malaika's home until October or November. Works for me! Of coarse, we can't wait to get to our other home in Phoenix. I am sooooo excited to see everybody. Im even excited to go back to work....never thought I'd say that. Im sure when Im punching the time clock again & in a busy 12 hour shift at the hospital with no time to eat or go to the bathroom, I will curse myself for saying that.
  Our friend Andy also arrived in St. Augustine yesterday so we all went out for the best pizza in the country as far as we're concerned at Carmelos. Yummy!
Andy's Goodbye party way back in November...we've sailed a lot of miles together since then! And Jib is twice as big now!

   It's raining today so we are sort of stuck on the boat....which is ok because we have been searching for a car on line for most of the day. We're hoping to find something for around $1500 that is capable of getting us to Phoenix & back. We have a couple of prospects...but they are in Jacksonville,  a little more than a hour away. Turns out it's hard to find a car when you don't have a car. Hopefully we'll find something that's not too much of a jalopy.
Scott & I on our last day of work last June.  He tie-dyed his old lab coat from residency & wore it the entire day!

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