Thursday, May 3, 2012

Now What????

Jib & Scott striking a pose at the Jib Room.
   OMG!!! Finally some internet!!! I have been struggling with internet since we arrived in Marsh Harbour last Sunday. I purchased the same service we used last time because it worked so well before...not this time. It sucks & has been a total waste of money. I now have internet because we are at a restuarant that provides wifi. Yesterday I typed out a blog 3 times & then lost my internet connection each time right before I was ready to post. I was in tears....TOTAL frustration.
  Anyway, tonight is our last night in Marsh Harbour. Tomorrow morning we are sailing to our beloved Green Turtle Cay....where we spent our 1st month in Bahamas...We will stay there & wait for our weather window to cross the gulf stream back to Florida. As of today, it looks like that window will be Wednesday. Scott & I have mixed feelings right now. We are VERY anxious to see our family & friends in Phoenix but feel sad about leaving the Bahamas too.  It would be so easy to stay....or keep going. However, the reality is that we have a few boat projects that MUST be done before we go to the Caribbean. Priority #1--auto pilot. #2--we have decided we are redoing our rigging as well. The rigging is like the skeleton of a sailboat. It holds the mast in place & all the wires required to keep us upright with the sails. It's a big deal. If it fails, it is total disaster. Our rigging is pretty old, so we've decided this hurricane season it'll be our big project. Big project in many's very expensive. Sooo...our big question is "where do we go now?". We had planned on going to North Carolina because we thought it would be cooler there this summer & we liked it there. Now, we are reconsidering because all of our friends from the east coast say it's not that much of a temperature change from Florida to North Carolina. So why travel that far? Maybe we should stay in Florida. Or maybe Charleston, SC. ????
We plan on going to Phoenix in June for an extended stay...I'm hoping to maybe even work there at Phoenix Baptist with all my girlfriends...we'll see. As usual, our plans are etched in jello. 
  I promise to do a blog before we cross. I really can't believe we're going to be in the States within a week. :)
Scott & I way back in New London, CT.  This picture was taken 2 weeks after moving aboard Malaika.

Love & Miss you

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