Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wild Wild West

 After 6 days on the road, we have made it to Flagstaff, Arizona.  Yay!!! It feels great to be here. It's a breezy 85 degrees, & our long road trip is almost over. Phoenix is only 2.5 hours away but we're staying here for a couple days while Scott finishes what he needs to do for his mountain bike trip. I will be dropping him off tomorrow or the next day at the start of the Arizona Trail & he is going to ride through the mountains/desert home. It will take him about a week.  His bike needs some fine tuning so we dropped it off at the bike shop immediately after arriving into Flagstaff.
I can hardly believe we just drove across the United States.
Bye Bye Florida
We left Florida last Friday..passed through Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & now Arizona. I was hoping for a more exciting road trip..going slow, camping, sight seeing, etc. The reality is that it is HOT every where except here in Flagstaff. Camping would have been miserable.
Luckily, we did stop in Memphis for a few days to visit Danny & Kyung (our brother & sister in-law)
& we had an awesome time. Memphis is also plagued by heat & humidity but it was sooo AWESOME to see our family.
Danny took us to downtown Memphis to the famous " Beale Street." We had a blast! Kyung couldn't come because she is a 2nd year OB/GYN resident (our 3rd OB/GYN in the family!) and she had to work. :(
Scenes from Beale Street

A classic. Need I say more?
  I wish I could just stay here in Flagstaff. It's 109 in Phx today & will be 111degrees by Monday. ZERO humidity however, so I'm happy for that. We are very excited to see our family & friends in Phoenix. It's been a year but seems so much longer.  I promise to post lots of pics of the beautiful Southwest for all our blog followers who have never seen these parts. We will also be traveling to Mexico while we're here. First to our beloved condo in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) & then in August we are going to Cancun to stay at an all inclusive resort for a week,  thanks to Scott's parents. SOOOOO looking forward to that!! :)    The adventures never end with Scott Michelle Voyage so stay tuned! Scott's pictures & stories from his mountain bike ride should be awesome too. Everybody say a little prayer for him....he has promised me there is plenty of water along the way & has studied this trail for months now. He's very prepared but it is late June in the Arizona desert. As his wife, I'll be worried until he pedals his sweaty self into the driveway in Phoenix. He'll probably look like a piece of leather by then.
  Enjoy these pics from our trip...& please stay tuned to Scott Michelle Voyage!! The adventures continue!!
Jib's new favorite thing...cruising in the Benz with his head out the window
One of the several 4 star resorts we stayed in along the way---you have to save your pennies when you're a cruiser
Scott & Danny before they shared 1/2 of a "Boot Jolokia"--the hottest pepper on planet Earth
Scott & Danny after...the agony continued into the next day...the video is priceless. 
Jib loves our dumpy motel rooms. They must seem so big to him compared to the boat...wait till he sees a house!
My Pirate

Love & Miss Everybody!

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