Friday, July 6, 2012

Scott Michelle Voyage...We're Still Here!!

The view from our bedroom in Rocky Point, Mexico The beautiful Sea of Cortez

     Well, I've really slacked off on the blog...sorry everybody! It's just been a very busy time adjusting to life again in Phoenix. We have been reuniting with friends & family almost everyday! We had a nice start to our homecoming enjoying the cool weather in Flagstaff.
Scott & Jib enjoying the cool weather in Flagstaff. Jib's 1st time in a forest
Of coarse, here in Phoenix, it's blazing hot. 106-113 degrees with the exception of July 4th. We were pleasantly surprised to have a cool, rainy day. Only people in Phoenix would be happy with a a rainy Independance Day. 
It was so chilly the morning of July 4th, we had to grab a sweater. UNHEARD of in Phx.
   Scott started work on July 5th. He a had a full schedule at the to jump right back in! He said he had A LOT of fun seeing his co-workers & being a Doctor again. I brought him lunch & he was happy to report he still remembered fluent spanish & all his Doctor skills seemed intact! I start work on Monday. I'm excited & nervous. Things have slowed a bit now that we've been home for a few'll be nice to see my nurse friends & deliver some babies! :)  AND, bring home a paycheck for the 1st time in a year! 
Sunset in Rocky Point
   Our first weekend back in town we headed straight to our condo in Rocky Point, Mexico with some of our closest friends, Aaron & Melissa Salas. Rocky Point never disappoints...even after all of our travels it remains one of our most favorite places on planet Earth.
Best beach, best water, BEST shells!!
Look out folks...It's Nacho Cheese pro wrestler!
Thank You Salas family for all you do for us!! We love you so much. We missed you Benny!!!
  We plan to go as often as possible while we're here. It seems too good to be true but in 3 weeks Scott's parents are taking us to Cancun for a week stay at an all-inclusive resort. Just when we'll be back in the routine of punching that time clock...we get to have a break! We are so lucky.

   We are missing Malaika & sailing very much. Coming home only solidifies that we have chosen the right dream for us. Working a few months out of the year to keep our dream alive is so worth it & I feel very blessed to even have the opportunity. We're already planning the 1st little phases of our next the Caribbean. Our ultimate goal is to be in Brazil by 2014 for the World Cup....
a lot of miles to that dream. So stay tuned everybody!! Our biggest adventures are still to come.
I promise to get back on track with the blog. We have lots of boat projects we're already planning.
Our biggest question right now...Should we replace our rigging? It's in good shape but it is 24yrs old...Most of you are probably wondering what the hell rigging is...stay tuned for another blog & I'll tell ya all about it! It's a crucial part of the would be catastrophic if it failed. The question for us is how bad do we need it right now??? It's a $15,000 repair. As I've said before, B.O.A.T. stands for Bust Out Another Thousand! It's always something!!!
Jib's new BFF...Luke.
Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib

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Curieuse said...

Hey Guys we are really missing you! Andy sailed in yesterday from Norfolk VA. 3 days offshore. He said the trip was a little bit slow in places but not bad weather. Looks like you are having a great time. We are getting together with Heinz and Roberta and Paul and Jean this weekend! I'll tell them you said hello. We hope to see you this fall!
Love Cheri and Dan