Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Sea Is Calling....

Malaika is calling...time to head home
   Well, HELLO there everybody! I have completely neglected the blog for the past sorry. I hope I still have some readers! It has been such a busy couple of months.  Our schedule has been pretty jam packed between working, visiting friends, trips to Mexico.... the time has just slipped away. I have missed doing the blog too but honestly, have lacked inspiration to write again. I think living on the boat just naturally provides that's such an adventure.   SO...things are winding down in our land life. Scott & Jib left Phoenix 2 weeks ago to head back to Florida & start our boat projects. He took the scenic route & is currently in Memphis hanging out with his brothers. He's also helping with a house re-model...not all fun & games but they are participating in an adventure race on Saturday...should be some great pics & stories!
Scott & Jib will head to Florida on Monday & get to work on the boat. We have some major projects to complete before we can start our next adventure to the Caribbean. 1st step & priority #1 is auto pilot. Scott has already extensively researched this & has it mostly figured out. It's complicated stuff that involves electronics, hydraulics, navigation systems...I'm very proud of him for learning all this stuff.  After auto pilot we have toilet projects, radio projects, radar projects....he has a lot of work ahead of him. I am staying in Phoenix until the end of September to make a little more money but I will be back to Florida by October 1st to start helping. I miss Malaika. I miss the sea.
   We have been very fortunate & blessed to have the opportunity to visit Mexico while we've been we haven't been totally void of the ocean! In early August Scott's parents took us to Cancun & we stayed at an all inclusive resort for a week. OMG!! It was amazing. We were pampered & living in total luxary for that week! We also went for a little sail, took the ferry to Cozumel & went scuba diving, AND had a tropical storm pay us a visit! We loved every minute of it!!!
The Schapker's in Cancun. Viva Mexico!!!

Our BEAUTIFUL room at the resort. Yes, that's a jacuzzi next to the bed

Scott & I took Aunt Debbie for a sail

The local businesses prepping for the storm

  I'm returning to our beloved condo in Rocky Point for Labor Day weekend with friends & family....CAN NOT WAIT!!! The Sea of Cortez is so beautiful....can't wait to put my toes in the sand. It's so awesome that we can drive 4 short hours south of Phoenix & play in the ocean.
   I also had my final eye surgery last week. It hurt like hell & for the 1st few days I could not see anything. It was kinda scarey, but my eye doctor said it went well & would take several weeks for my vision to improve. I'm happy to report that IT IS WORKING. It's not perfect yet but much improved from 2 days ago. This has really been a "vision" quest...34 years of glasses & contacts, 4 or 5 surgeries (I lost count)...and finally....I can wake up, open my eyes, and see the alarm clock on the nightstand. Thank you God! And thank you Dr. Paul Petelin Jr!! You told me from the beginning it would be a long process...I so appreciate what you have done for me.
  So, I know I've promised to do better on the blog & then didn't.... so you probably don't trust me but...I'm back!!! And so ready to share our on-going adventures as live aboard sailors!
Meanwhile, enjoy some more pics....
The Schapker clan chillaxing at the spa as we wait for our massages....ahhhh

Scott & Aunt Carolyn getting pedicures. Don't worry...Scott hasn't gone pretty boy, we made him do it

The view from our room

Livin' large at the resort...Notice the boarded up windows in the's usually a beautiful ocean view minus a tropical storm!

You don't have to live on sailboat to blow a conch horn...You can also do it in the ferry terminal in Cozumel !! Mamma Schapker was the best out of the group!

Absence makes the heart grow's true. My hubby & Jib have been gone for 2 weeks & we still have 4 weeks to go. I miss my boys.
Did I mention that thanks to Alan (Scott's dad), we were VIP's at our resort? OMG!! It was so awesome. I've never been a VIP for anything. We were so spoiled. Great Vacation!!
Miss you Jibby....
Michelle, Scott & Jib

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