Monday, July 23, 2012

Lotions, Potions, & Haboobs

Here comes a Haboob!

Another busy week just flew by without a new blog. Sorry guys!
This WORK thing kind of takes up some time, visiting family & friends takes up some more time & POOF....another week passes.
I've been sick for the past 10 days too. I haven't really been sick in well over a year. After my first 2 days at the hospital I acquired a respiratory infection that just won't quit!!! The hospital is no place for healthy people!! I'm finally on antibiotics so hopefully I'll be getting rid of this soon.
What's up with the title of this blog?! Well, my parents started this little business last year making goat milk lotions, facecreams, face scrubs, body wash, shampoos, conditioners. My mom makes all of the products & my dad does most of the sales. They sell them on line & at craft fairs, flea markets, etc. Their little business has done very well & while visiting them earlier this week I got to help make some mango face creams for an order headed for Canada.

My mom making face cream with all natural ingredients.

Dad putting the labels on

The final product

I had so much fun joining the assembly line & my mom paid me with a bunch of new products for myself! Thanks mom & dad! I LOVE your products!! :)
So... We are smack dab in the middle of Monsoon season here in Arizona. Just about every afternoon the skies darken up & we either get monsoon rains or a huge dust storm, known as a Haboob. Provides for great entertainment!


Scott, Jib & buddies

We discovered tonight that Jib likes cowboy movies

Being home = Good Times.
Michelle, Scott & Jib

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Curieuse said...

See what happens when you go back to work We hope you feel better!! we just had another fabulous weekend with Heinz and Roberta and Bill and his friend. Everyone says Hi and asks about you Guys! Those lotions look Fab!!
Love Cheri and Dan