Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Home for Christmas

Home away from home...Green Turtle Cay
So, Scott & I finally left Marsh Harbour. We never intended to stay for a week but as usual our plans are etched in jello. We really wanted to be in Green Turtle for the holidays for a couple of reasons. There is an AWESOME "cruiser's potluck" here on Christmas day. All the cruisers in the anchorage make a special dish & come together to celebrate Christmas. It was the 1st gathering we went to last year in the Bahamas & now has a sentimental, familiar feel to it that we felt was worth making a 4+ hour sail to be a part of. We also want to spend New Year's here because Green Turtle Cay has the BEST Junkanoo (carnival) EVER!!!! We went last year & had such an amazing time. A Junkanoo is like a parade on steroids. It's amazing.

Christmas on the Sea of Abaco
So we left Marsh this morning with a fresh updated weather report & everything looked/sounded good to cross "The Whale". The Whale is a small passage, it's actually " a cut" from the Sea of Abaco out to the Atlantic Ocean. It is too shallow to just cross wherever you want in the Sea of Abaco, so sometimes you have go out to the ocean & come back in through "a cut". There are well charted, established routes to get around here.

The chart of our back yard
The Whale is a small cut but it can be unpassable in the wrong weather. It's important to know the conditions. So, we're having an awesome sail...engine off, cruising along at 6.2-6.9 knots with a sweet southwest wind. Great sailing day. As we approach The Whale we see a squall is coming. Of Course!! We met each other at the entrance of the Whale. Thanks Mother Nature!

Entering "The Whale" just in time for a squall

Peace out squall! Malaika always takes care of us!

Malaika's mainsail from the view of our new sunroof
We tucked in safely to our beloved Green Turtle Cay & headed to the beach.

My boys guiding us in to Green Turtle

The Captain is resting after today's sail. No chair needed.
Nothing like a face full of sand to end the day! Glorious as far as Jib's concerned.
It's great to be here. I miss my family & friends so much during the holidays. Green Turtle Cay makes it hurt a little less.

Love & miss you all so much. XXXOO

Little note to our families....still trying to call using our iPad (skype) but having trouble with connections. We will probably get a phone....the phone company is only open on Thursdays so hopefully we will get it figured out by then. We miss hearing your voices!!!

Michelle, Scott, & Jib



lylaine said...

Looks like that "sun" roof came in pretty handy! Beauty all around your photos! The guys look right at home on the beach! Had a great Christmas party at your folks...Luke said to let Jib know he misses him! :>)
Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words...they are what is sustaining me, I'm quite sure.
XO Have a blessed Christmas!

Mellow Seas said...

Watch out for that whale passage, it could be, "PERILOUS, PERILOUS" :) Love the christmas tree. It's more than what i have up.

Anonymous said...

While you are on that side of the whale you Guys should really check out Allens Pensecola and a few of the northern Cays well worth the visit ove Cheri and Dan