Friday, December 14, 2012

Tangled Up In Poo

Malaika has returned to the thriving metropolis that is Marsh Harbor! The 3rd largest city in the Bahamas. Marsh Harbor doesn't have much to offer as far as scenery, diving, snorkeling, or beaches, is unmatched in the Abacos as far as groceries, boat supplies, bars, restaurants, entertainment, etc. It's a great place to reprovision the boat.

Sunset in Marsh Harbour
It's been a little busy here on Malaika the past few days. When we were at Treasure Cay a few days ago my friend Matt from Gone Global Adventures helped me get Internet service on my iPad. We went to Batelco...the phone company here in the Bahamas & got a sim card & whalla! I have Internet service anywhere in the Bahamas for $30 per 40 days. It's AWESOME! Last year we paid $100/month for service that worked "most" of the time. My friend Brittany from s/v Great Mysterious also helped me figure out a ton of stuff about posting my blog from the iPad, pictures, new blog apps. Thanks so much guys!

So...remember how happy we were to have the macerator installed? That thing that pumps the poo from our holding tanks out to sea? Well....we already had a macerator malfunction. Grrrr!!!! Of course, we don't realize there is a problem until the tank is full & we're out sea ready to dump it. Scott turned the switch & nothing. The motor was trying to run but couldn't & after about 6 seconds it would shut itself off. Uh oh. That can mean only one's clogged somewhere. Gross. Poor Scott. He had to take it apart....which means getting up close & personal with poo. Sometimes living on a sailboat is so NOT glamorous.

Scott is about to dive in & see if the thru hole where the macerator dumps out of on the outside is clogged. I think his face says it all.
It was not clogged externally. Once he took the macerator apart we found the problem. It was hair. My hair. It had wound around the blades in the pump & was preventing it from churning. I guess I'll have to start wearing a hat or something while in the loo. Sorry honey.

We'll be hanging out in Marsh Harbor for a few days & then island hopping over to Hopetown. Tonight we are going to a "rake & scrape". That's a band that uses things like saws, spoons, bells, bongos to make some awesome island tunes. Very excited for that!

Jib investigating a Conch
This is what the whole conch looks like. Looks super gross but fixed up like a ceviche....yum. Also, battered up & fried "Conch fritters" ....a Bahamian classic!
Love this sign
Under the sea....
Love & Miss everyone.


Our hearts are breaking as the news comes in regarding the school shooting in Connecticut. Our prayers go out to all those children & parents who are in their darkest hour. Mother Mary....pray for us now.....

Michelle, Scott & Jib


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Anonymous said...

Already having been through the hair in the pump Dan said be careful!! We told you it would happen remember!! Love you Guys!!!
Cheri and Dan