Thursday, June 27, 2013

Traveler Souls...


So almost 3 weeks since the last blog...again. So sorry to our faithful readers. I do always have this nagging feeling that since we aren't sailing, the blog just isn't that interesting to our followers who signed up to the "sailing blog". However, as I said in the last blog...this down time during hurricane season IS a part of the life for many of us sailors. The truth is...Mother Nature can take the sailor out of the water but she can't take the traveler out of our souls. It's part of who we are. Always. Since we've been home we have spent a lot of time in of our true loves. Mexico has gotten a bad rap in recent years because of increased violence due to a pretty big drug war that's in progress there. The reality is, there are MANY safe places to travel in Mexico. 5 years ago Scott & I drove our motor home from Phoenix to Panama which obviously included driving all the way through Mexico. While I don't think I would do that trip right now, I still feel very safe in the tourist Mexico destinations. We just got home from a 12 day trip that started in Puerto Penasco, aka Rocky Point, then to Mazatlan and finally back to Phoenix. We had a blast!!! The 1st 4 days we all came together to celebrate the wedding of our brother Michael & his long time love Allie.

The latest Mr. & Mrs. Schapker

The wedding was so beautiful...over looking the Sea of Cortez...and the parties surrounding the wedding were full of LOTS of good times.

Here comes trouble...

The Monday following the wedding weekend we piled into 2 suburbans and drove 22 hours south to Mazatlan. Normally, the trip doesn't take that long but we ran into several detours related to immigration papers & Indian tribe protests that blocked the main highway. These snafus added about 6 extra hours to the journey. Once we was so worth it.

The view from our room

We spent a week in the beautiful Pueblo Bonito Resort soaking up the sun & a few margaritas. :) Mazatlan has much to offer in the fun department & is packed with lots of Mexican culture.

My sister inlaw & niece getting ready for a horseback ride through Stone Island


Me & Cindy...I got the slow poke horse. The trainer told me he was "flojo".. Which means lazy in Spanish.

Our last day in Mazatlan we went to Old town to attend Mass in the big cathedral & then go shopping in the big street market.

The market we went to is one of the largest in Mexico & has been around since 1899.

This market offers everything from dresses to jewelry to shoes to meat, fish, trinkets, fruits, veggies. Anything you need can be found here. AND I do mean ANYTHING....

Pig feet anyone?


As you can see...the entire pig is used here. No shortage of pork goods...


If pig's feet aren't your can always get the chicken feet.

I know this may seem gross to most of us Americans, but throughout the rest of the world....local street markets are where locals buy everything they need. AND as you can see, nothing goes to waste. While it may also seem unsanitary to have meat displayed that way I can honestly say, there were no "foul" smells, everything was chilling on ice, & I would have eaten anything in that market....except feet & heads that is.

So...our travels continue sans Malaika...although we miss her very much. Our 15 hour trip home from Mazatlan to Phoenix was uneventful & we're already planning our next adventures. Last night Scott spent several hours looking at Google Earth plotting out a route from Georgetown, Bahamas to Panama. We're sorta thinking about skipping the eastern Caribbean & heading straight over to Central America.....just thoughts for now....still etched in jello at this point. In our immediate future are plans to escape the sweltering heat that is about to light Phoenix on fire.

I thought my 1st day back to work was July 1st but it's actually July 8th...oh darn! So since we have an extra week we're probably going to head north to Flagstaff & the Grand Canyon. Always an adventure with Scott Michelle Voyage cuz' we can not escape our traveler souls....

Señor Frog's....need I say more?


Michelle, Scott & Jib


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