Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Other Woman

I don't know the story behind why boats are always referred to as "she" but they are. Perhaps because they are beautiful & powerful. They can take you to places you've only dreamed about & bring tremendous joy to your life.

They provide shelter & safety in a place that is often unpredictable & dangerous. They can help your soul soar to greatness.

They can put you in a place of total peace & unity with the universe. In return, they demand A LOT of attention. They need total devotion and endless tender loving care to make the soul soaring greatness, one with the universe thing happen. All this TLC also costs a pretty little shiny penny.....or millions of pennies, give or take a few. If I'm sounding a little jealous of her it's because Scott & Jib left a week ago to head back to Florida to take care of Malaika. The mistress. Her need for attention has created quite a ruckus between the Captain & 1st Mate. While I understand her TLC needs....i think its worth a pout or two....or three. I will join them in October. That seems so far away. I chose to stay in Phoenix & restock our cruising kitty & spend some more time with family while Scott & Jib return to Florida to take care of "HER". Malaika needs quite a bit of work this summer to ready her for our next cruising season. We plan on sailing way beyond our familiar safe zone of the Bahamas this year so we need grown up sailor stuff. The truth is, I'm not very helpful with the kind of boat projects she needs right now & can be more helpful by making some money for the next adventure.

Meanwhile, I miss my husband. I miss my sweet Jib. I even miss Malaika but I'm not gonna tell her that. 11 weeks to go but who's counting.

Love & Miss my blog readers too. Hope y'all stay tuned in. I know the blog has been lacking a bit lately but "Scott Michelle Voyage" will be on the high seas soon seeking more adventure! We're Panama bound this season with Malaika. Brazil bound by next summer for the World Cup....with or without Malaika. Not sure if we can get her there in time....but we'll (cross my fingers) be there.

Love, Michelle



matty said...

We'll be with you too. Kindreds engine is in pensacola being rebuilt as i type. We'll be back mid october and meet you somewhere over there. Heading out with a couple of folks from the pan handle. they may be heading the same distance. Belize? i think were ready to bite off a bigger chunk of the cruise this time. So we cruise together again! until then more later

Scott , Michelle Jesse, & Jib said...

Hey Matty! Can NOT wait to see you & Lindsey!! We're at this time anyway...planning to take Scarpelli's route to Panama. We'll probably leave Malaika there & trek to Brazil on a chicken bus or cheapest way possible to be there for the World Cup. Then explore around Central America on Malaika. We've done all of Central America in the motor home but not by boat so ....that's the plan for now. As always...etched in jello.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Sounds like a tough, but very smart decision! That extra money will definitely help.

Scott , Michelle Jesse, & Jib said...

Thanks Mid-Life Cruising....it is hard. The extra money will be nice....gotta pay to play right?!