Friday, October 18, 2013

Fitting In

Ok....I've been back on the boat for 2 weeks. I could lie & tell all our blog followers, friends &family, that it's just been sailboat bliss for the past 14 days. One thing I'm a good liar. I love my husband. I love our boat. I love our dog. I love the ''cruising life''.

So....why is it so hard to be on this boat right now?!!

No matter beats working...&'s been an adjustment for the three of us (Michelle, Scott & Jib) these past two weeks. I think what it boils down to is that, 24/7 with your family....on 38 umm...anxiety provoking?!! Maddening...Intimate...lovely...nails on a chalk get the picture. We're adjusting...with love. I drive Scott crazy. He drives me nuts. We're learning to live together again after 3 months apart. We're learning to do that on a 38ft sailboat. Hmmm...wish all couples had a chance just do this. It's hard. It's awesome. Which end of the spectrum do you think you would fall into?

Jib is Switzerland. He loves both of us. Well, he pretty much loves everybody but we like to pretend we matter more to him than others.

I had this whole other blog planned with pics of all our new & exciting "stuff".. But I'll post that another day. The boat is looking beautiful. Scott has done so much work. I cant wait to get off the dock & go sailing.

Sailing..take me away....

Love, Michelle


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