Sunday, October 27, 2013

Like Sand Through The Hourglass.....

I can NOT believe how the time just keeps slipping on by...I have not been a good blogger. I'm sorry guys....I promise the blogs will be more frequent when we get moving but now...we're in the marina. Working on the boat. All day. Every day. I just haven't felt inspired to write lately....I'm working on it. Writer's block I guess.

Scott putting the finishing touches on the varnish
Scott has varnished almost every piece of wood on this boat...inside & out. It looks amazing.

The varnish is just one of a gazillion projects. We've had the transmission rebuilt,

New transmission going in.....big bucks. Still not perfect....hopefully we will totally fix this week...

bought new dinghy's (yes, "dinghy's"... plural...we have an extra dinghy at this point,

Towing our newest dinghy home.

Scott rebuilt the fridge, the oven, put in an SSB (super hero of all radios & a 2+ months long project) & so much more!! It really is a full time job keeping up with the boat.

Scott also built flower boxes & planted herbs which have fully blossomed into our beautiful herb garden

My most favorite improvement of the season is our newly rebuilt (by my hubby) oven. It is sooooo awesome to have an oven! It's sort of one of those things you can easily learn to live without...but once you have it....YAY!!!

Fresh home made bread
Home made pizza


Wish we could install a washer & dryer...but that's still me. Our car is kaputz & the laundry mat is not within walking distance so I do what I can by hand but we have a major mountain of laundry piling up. Something I must deal with this week. I have so many other pics to share....I gotta get in my blog mode.

One new side note....our sweet Jib woke up the other morning & could not walk. & Scott were pretty upset. It SUCKS to see your pet hurting. As the day went on, Jib moved more & more but not enough. We took him to the Vet that afternoon. Jib has the equivalent of a strained or possibly torn ACL. Our Vet said strict rest for 2 weeks & then we'll re-evaluate. If it's strained, Jib should get better with rest. If it's torn, he'll need surgery. Which is unbelievably expensive. Poor Jib. He is basically on "house arrest" & it's driving him nuts.

While Jib is rehabbing...he surrounds himself with his best buddies. He's always found the most comfort from his toys..


Stay tuned's only gonna get more exciting from here. We're hoping to set sail in 2-3 weeks!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

Panama or Bust!!

Love...Michelle, Scott & Jib


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