Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just The Two Of Us

Hi everybody! Like the title's just me & Jib this weekend on the boat. This is a picture of us on our way to Eleuthera, Bahamas last January. I'm clearly the photographer in the family because this was the ONLY picture (out of hundreds) that I could find of just me & Jib. Hmm...we'll have to work on that.

Anyway...Scott left early Friday with some buddies from the Marina to transport a boat to Ft. Lauderdale. He should be home tomorrow afternoon. So it's just me & Jibby. It's been raining pretty much non-stop for 12 hours so Jib & I are kinda stuck in the boat feeling like a couple of mushrooms....poking our heads out every now & then when it stops raining for 2 minutes.

Working on a "delivery". I think it's a bit of a man-cation too.

The Marina has been very busy....the migration south is in full force now. Boats are coming & going almost everyday. We LOVE St. Augustine & Hidden Harbor Marina but all this activity is getting us really excited to start our own migration. We'll probably be leaving in 2 weeks. So meanwhile, we keep plugging along getting Malaika ready for the islands. Most of the big projects are done. Just little things now. We will put the sails back on this week....I can't wait cuz they are down below with us right now taking up WAY too much space & making it impossible to organize the inside of the boat. It's not all work though...we've been having fun too. St. Augustine has no shortage of festivals & things to do. Last weekend we went to a "maritime" festival. It was so fabulous we went again the next day. The highlight of the event was a boat race with boats that were made the day before.

Day One...building the boats



The cutest boat was the "Damn Good Beaver"


My favorite was the "JunCanoe"

I'm also happy to report that Jib has recovered perfectly from his knee injury!! Yay!! We were looking at a $2500 surgery if his ACL was torn. Looks like it was just a strain. He hasn't limped in days & is climbing the ladder out of the boat again. Whew.

We've been shopping quite a bit too...getting new gear for the season...finally using all the gift cards from our wedding. Yes, it's been four years. What can I say...we're not big shoppers but we are grateful for the gifts & it's been so fun ordering stuff!!

Scott's ready for some new fishing rods too.

One of Scott's favorite new toys is a sewing machine. Sewing machines are a nice luxury to have on a boat. You can do canvas work, repair sails, etc.

Scott also made a beautiful wood case to store it in. I'm not allowed to touch the sewing machine.

He's made a lot of cool stuff for the boat...practical things that we needed but I did convince him to make me some new pillows.

So....things are in motion. Malaika is almost ready. And so are we...

Love & miss everybody!!!


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