Friday, December 6, 2013

Home Away From Home

My favorite view from Green Turtle

Wowza! We made it! What an awesome crossing we had. Don't get me wrong....there were moments when I was not happy. For the first time, I made notes throughout the day....

"0400--alarm. 0435--start engine. 0450--anchor up. It's so dark. 4 boats are on their way out the inlet. The windlass jammed twice while pulling anchor....yikes! It's so dark. 0530-- we're out the inlet & it's sooooo rolley. The boat is pitching side to side so dramatically. Everything on the inside of the boat is now on the floor (unless bolted down). Jib is having a nervous break down. He is drooling incessantly...I can see his muscles shaking. Now I'm crying. I feel bad for Jib, plus...I can't imagine spending another 10-12 hours doing this. 0630--the sun is rising. We're still like a cork in a washing machine but we put the main sail up...OMG! Major improvement. Still rolling side to side but not near as bad. We can see the flotilla that left before us on the horizon.

Jib is finally calming down...with a little cuddle help from his buddy

Things are calm enough that Scott put his fishing poles out...

1230----the sea is now like's crazy!!! We've had no hits on the fishing rods. Scott changes all the gear...

1300-- Fish On!!

1302-- fish off. He got away. 1350-- we reached the banks of the Bahamas.

Moments after entering the banks, dolphins started swimming off our bow. It was glorious....what a welcome!!

1630-- we caught up with the flotilla that left an hour ahead of us....way to go Malaika!

2200---land ho. We made it to Great Sale Cay in 17 hours. Our fastest time yet. Only 8-10 hours to go the next day to get to Green Turtle Cay.....our favorite island in Abaco, Bahamas. Whew. I'm tired."

Our first sunset in Green Turtle

What a journey. Obviously, this is a small passage compared to most BUT, for us, it's still a big deal & I'm glad we're done with it until Spring or whenever...

We're gonna be here awhile.

Love--Michelle, Scott & Jib


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