Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bye Bye Bahamas......Hello U.S.A!!!

We spent our last day in the Bahamas on our own private island

Time goes by so fast. I can hardly believe we're back in the U.S. While we do feel a little sad about leaving the islands, we are VERY excited to see friends & family. It will still be awhile before we get to Phoenix but the long trek home is in full swing. We have been traveling for almost a week now. We left Green Turtle last Monday & did a short little 4 hour hop to an uninhabited island called Crab Cay. We just wanted one more day to hang on the beach with Jib.

We had the whole island to ourselves


Scott knocking coconuts out of the tree


One of them broke open when it fell....yum.

We left Crab Cay at first light headed for Florida.

28 hours later we arrived in Ft. Pierce. Ugh. We were pretty tired. We had a great crossing though. We weren't able to sail but the seas we're calm which is a bonus. We just chugged along hour by hour. Scott had all his fishing lines out (he has 4) but all we caught were 4 barracudas. Barracuda often carry ciguatera so we just tossed them back in. We've had enough of that this year!

When we got settled in Ft. Pierce we took Jib to a little island right across the anchorage. After 30+ hours stuck on the boat Jib was soooo happy to run.

While in Ft Pierce we got see some dear friends...Patrick & Marilyn drove up from Stuart, Fl. to see us. It was a lovely afternoon. It's always so awesome to see the crew from Jawbone. Love you guys so much! Then on Thursday, our buddy Andy, who we traveled with for several months our 1st year, also had the chance to see each other. It was fabulous. We hadn't seen each other in 2 years. We first met Andy in Connecticut way back when we first bought Malaika & our paths have kept crossing ever since. Andy let us use his car so we could go to customs & also the grocery store, which was awesome because we were out of everything.

We ended our evening reuniting with Dana & Matt from s/v Corsair who had just come from their crossing. As usual, good times! We'll miss you!

We plan on being at the dock in St Augustine at Hidden Harbor Marina by Monday afternoon. And then....the boat projects begin. Gotta' get ready for next season!!


So, stay tuned! The adventures will continue!!

Love & miss everybody!

Michelle, Scott & Jib


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