Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Saturday From Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas!

So...we're still in Green Turtle Cay, which is fine by me. We both love it here. The only thing is that the weather has been so crappy. No diving. :( Or swimming or snorkeling. Boo! The winds have been very heavy & made our favorite little place a little unlikable.

(Ok..unlikable is a little strong...we still love this place) Some rain but mostly heavy winds. Which sucks. At night we are so on edge because "what if" our anchor drags or some other boat drags onto us. 2 nights ago both of those things happened. A boat dragged down on us, then we started dragging across the the dark with 30-40mph winds. Scott did a great job of keeping cool & moving Malaika safely across the harbor & actually, (even Scott said so) I did pretty good too. It's extremely stressful when this anchor dragging thing happens. It's almost always in the dark, in crappy weather....honestly, until you've experienced it.... I'm not sure I can put into words how scarey it is. (Keep in mind...the anchorage is very full right now....hitting another boat is a BIG possibility) Maybe like driving the wrong way down the freeway. That's how it feels. (I've never driven the wrong way down a freeway but I think it would be equally scarey). So we reanchored & I stayed in the cockpit to keep watch so Scott could finally get a little sleep. He had been up watching all night long. It's now 6am. At least the sun will be up soon. So our anchor never really set & we ended up reanchoring 2 more times. In the middle of the 3rd anchor attempt our engine stopped pumping out water. If you don't know anything about engines, let me just tell you...that is BAD. Very bad. Grrrr!!!! Why now?!!! We managed to settle in, Scott put out our backup anchor as well. It's now 9am. Scott called our buddy Richard on s/v Kilissa requesting advice on the engine issue. Richard came over & they quickly figured out it was the impeller. I know this is a foreign language for most of you & it is for me to some extent too but.....yay for us....this is an easy fix. The impeller was DESTROYED!

This piece is supposed to have 7 wings/flanges..whatever ya want to call them...ours had 2

The guys put in a new impeller & PRESTO......the engine is all good. Whew. Never a dull moment on a boat.

Collecting fresh rain water....
Collecting fresh rain water....

So, due to weather we will be in Green Turtle until Tuesday at which time we will be leaving at first light headed for Ft. Pierce, Florida. We should get there sometime Wednesday. A LOT of boats are leaving Tuesday so we'll have lots of company. ;)

We broke down and bought more "internet time" to get us thru this last little stretch. The truth is....we NEED the internet to check weather. It's a must. Anyway.....maybe I'll have a chance to do one more blog before leaving our beloved Bahamas....seems like we just got here.



Love---Michelle, Scott & Jib


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