Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everybody! At least, I think it's Friday.....already losing track. What a day yesterday! Scott & I went to town to try & set up phone/internet stuff. The phone company is only open on Thursdays now from 9a-3p. We walked up the giant hill to the BTC office, talked with her about our options for about 30 minutes. We had decided to buy an iPhone (essentially), & make it a wifi "hotspot" so we could use both iPad, laptop...& also use as a phone. A $230 investment. We walked down the hill to the bank (which is also only open on Thursday) to get more cash. I got in line but was informed that the people in chairs behind us were actually "in line AHEAD of us". Scott made a good point in that it was much better to wait in a chair & keep track of those ahead of you than to stand in line the whole time. "When in Rome...."

Anyway, after the bank we went to our favorite restaurant here.."New Plymouth Cafe", a.k.a "Dave's". Delicious as always. 1 of 2 places in all of the Bahamas that you can get a cheeseburger for $5. The other place is in Marsh Harbor. It's called "The Golden Grouper". We walked back up the big hill to BTC to purchase our new internet set up. So excited! We waited while the sales girl talked on the phone to her family. She had about 4 phone calls while we stood there. Customer Service is not a priority here.....but patience is. Then....she took a break from her conversation to tell us she didn't have the card cutter for the SIM card. It needs to be trimmed to fit in the phone. Same problem A YEAR ago! They haven't acquired a card cutter in a year? I'm sure we're not the first person to buy a phone here in a year..... Grrrr!!! So.....we HAVE to go to Marsh Harbor to resolve this. It's so frustrating. How can they sell a phone that they can't make operational for you?!! BUT...that's the way it is in the islands sometimes. There is nothing you can do but say "ok, thanks for trying" & head on home.

We are "so far" planning to leave Green Turtle tomorrow but Scott, Jib & I took a walk to the ocean side of the island today & were a little disappointed how rough it still was out there. We've had heavy wind from the Northeast ( mostly East) for days.....It may take another day for things to "lay down". We're going to decide in the morning after listening to weather reports.

Meanwhile, we're just trying to enjoy our time here. I love this island. I tried out my new dishwasher today...

Now that we have the swim platform I can wash dishes easily with salt water....this saves soooooo much of our fresh water, which now that we're here & have to pay a lot for our's really helpful. So, our friend Matt found this bucket on the beach yesterday & Scott cut it & shaped it into my new dish bucket. I put the dishes in there & go out to the platform.


Not a bad view for dish washing ;)

It was really easy & actually felt like a relief. For once....not worrying about how much water I was using. Last step...quick rinse with fresh water.




Love & Miss everybody

Michelle, Scott & Jib



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