Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

My rosemary Christmas tree didn't actually make it to Christmas Day. :(

Merry Christmas everybody!! We are still in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera . We went to a great mass this morning & then to a little cruiser's potluck. Scott made a yummy lobster pasta dish. Tonight is Chistmas Junkanoo. Have to hurry cuz we need to go play with Jib for awhile before we have to leave him alone on the boat again.there are too many aggressive dogs in Hatchet bay this year to bring him to shore. He hates it here. We're leaving tomorrow for a place called Governor's Harbor. It's only about 20 miles away.


Scott's new favorite sport. Surfing behind the dinghy.

We found a surfboard floating in Marsh Harbor. When nobody claimed it (I made several announcements on the radio) we decided finders keepers. It was in pretty rough shape. Scott did some fiberglass work on it & is so far having a blast with his new toy.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Love & miss you all so much this time of the year.

God Bless



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