Monday, September 10, 2012

B. O. A. T. Part 2

     Here we go again!  B.O.A.T. = Bust Out Another Thousand $$$ Scott is in full swing with our boat projects. Yesterday, after many hours/months of research, he purchased our new auto pilot system.  Cha CH$$$ng!!!   It is just mind blowing how much boat "stuff" costs. We've been full time live aboards for over a year now and made many upgrades to Malaika but I continue to suffer from sticker shock. These are not luxary items folks! These are things we really must have to get Malaika blue water ready. The auto pilot cost is pretty much the entire amount I've made working since mid-July but will be so worth it...and ultimately safer. Hand steering 18 hours across the Gulf Stream twice last year was awful. Scott & I take one hour shifts but because we are such new sailors, neither one of us is comfortable going down below to sleep. We stay in the cockpit together-- one drives, one rests, but it's not really sleeping so by the end of the journey we are soooo tired. It isn't just mindless "driving" over the ocean. You have to constantly watch the chart & compass to stay on course. It takes 100% focus.

   Plus, looking out for other boats, reefs, hazards, & it's not like driving on a smooth highway, there are waves of coarse!  Auto pilot will allow us to take our hands off the wheel, kick back and enjoy the ride once in awhile!
Pretty soon we'll be able to relax & enjoy the scenery even Jib!
Once we program the coarse we want, auto pilot & Malaika will take over. So...good luck installing the auto pilot honey!   Wish I was there to help you but I'm working, making some more money to spend on Malaika! :)
It's sooo worth it!
Love & Miss you


lylaine said...

Good thing you both can "find work" in the o
ff season!! :>) Happy to hear how much safer the auto pilot will be. And that you can get better rest as you cruise. Too bad Jib can't take his turn at the helm! :>) May your wallet stop its hemorrhaging soon! XOXO

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

We just found your site, and wanted to say "hello"!

We'll finally start cruising in 2013 after we get our house sold. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming adventure! Read your posts from last year's trip to the Bahamas ... looks amazing! We can't wait to sail there ourselves!