Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In Memory


     Hey buddy. A year has passed since we had to say good-bye. We feel so lucky to have been the people in your life.  Letting you go was so hard. We miss you bubba.  Mr. Jesse James. Don't worry my good are in our hearts, in our minds, woven into the fabric of our lives. Your name comes up so often...

I love this picture because you can really see the love between these two...and also, I think Jesse is laughing at Scott's beard.

Best Friends...
 Jib has certainly helped to fill the hole in our hearts...You would love him Jesse. He is sweet & kind & he loves other dogs the best.  He wasn't a very good swimmer like you always were. We put your collar on him Christmas morning & after weeks of trying... THAT was the day he finally learned to swim.  He loves your blanket. We only gave it to him when he was a big boy & wouldn't chew it up. It was his comfort when he had his surgery. You are always with us Jesse.

              You kept your promise to be the best dog that you could be....and you were.
Our wedding. What a fabulous Best Man you were...

Peace be with you Jesse
   And we keep our never forget you.  Miss you every single day. sweet friend.  You were so amazing.You taught us so much about love. See you in Heaven Mr. Jesse James.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

How sweet! This literally made me tear up when reading your words and looking at the pictures of Jesse. Love the wedding photo!

Dogs are truly a man's best friend.


Oh my beautiful and sad! Tearing up and knowing that Jesse is watching from above, still smiling at you both.