Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bon Voyage!

Scott's 1st radio request for a bridge opening this season!

And....we're off!!

I wish I could tell you our departure went off without a hitch, but, alas...it did not. So typical. We had been anchored in the San Sebastian River (just behind hidden harbor marina) for about 2 weeks. The current in that river is unbelievable. 2 anchors are a must. Well....we really buried the hooks because it took a grueling hour & a half to pull them up. It SUCKED! Thank You Dan & Aaron for your help!!!
We opted for a short day & only went about 12 miles to Ft. Matanzas.

Fort Matanzas just off our bow

Baby steps my friends. We haven't moved our boat more than a 1/2 mile in 6 months....we need to get our sea legs. Tomorrow we'll go to Daytona & eventually, as the week progresses we will get to Lake Worth, Florida where we will wait for a weather window to cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas.
The past couple of days/weeks have been great visiting with friends we've made along the way. As you know, we reunited with Dan & Cheri recently & then this weekend with Patrick & Marilyn. So awesome to see old friends!!

Dan & Cheri

Patrick & Marilyn
It feels great to be on the move again. Islands! Here we come!!!

Michelle, Scott & Jib

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