Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
It's hard to believe this is our 2nd Thanksgiving on Malaika.

We spent the 1st part of our day traveling. It was a pretty nice ride until we turned into the Indian River. The waves that were previously behind us all morning pushing us smoothly along at 6.7-7.1 knots (that's fast for a sailboat in the ICW) were now broadsiding us like a little punch in the arm every 20 seconds. A bit of a rough ride & made snagging a mooring ball extra fun.

A mooring ball is a bouy that is secured by cement or screws to the bottom of the river/ocean.

While Scott maneuvers the boat ever so perfect in 20mph wind, current & 4-5 foot waves, I stand on the bow & snag the mooring with a big hook. It's not easy when the boat is bouncing up & down.I did in fact snag the mooring on the 1st pass, but I tied it up all wrong & Scott had to run up & redo it.
Good Times. we're as comfy as a bug in a rug bouncing like a cork in the Indian River in Titusville, Florida.

Jib trying to balance on deck

We are sooo thankful for our families & friends & for all the many blessings in our life. So, as soon as we were settled, I made dinner. We had a great Thanksgiving feast with all the fixings... (minus turkey, ham oven doesn't work)
Scott took some great pics of our feast, with our other camera. We don't have wifi right now (I'm doing the blog from the iPhone) so we couldn't include those pics. Now, it's beer & football time. (We still have some tv reception)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. We love & miss you all so much. Thank you for all that you bring to our lives.

Jib is very thankful for his bone. He looks a little doe eyed because he's in what we call, his Bone Coma. I'm surprised he looked up for the picture.

Michelle, Scott & Jib

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