Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014....Here We Go

Not trying to rub it in....I know it's super cold in certain parts of the's been pretty nice here in the Bahamas. A few rainy days but mostly....nice.

Red sky in the morn...sailors be warned....we woke up to 30mph winds the other morning....brrr we got our sweatshirts out


It broke.

So our biggest drama the past two days has been because of this small piece of plastic. It is a drainage cap (I think) for our raw water filter for the engine. Without it....we can not run the engine. Scott worked on it for several hours yesterday & I think he figured something out McGyver style...Im not sure cuz he didn't want to talk about it & I didn't want to push it... We may be leaving here tomorrow but maybe not. Ho hum....island time. I think Scott wants to dive some more around here....

This boat didn't fair too well on New Years Eve....


Heartbreaking.... :(

The boat pictured above sank on New Years Eve.... It had been neglected for quite some time. That's what happens to neglected boats.....they die.

Scott shaved his head today....still a cutie..


Lobster chowder in the works...

Love & miss everybody!!!

Love, m


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Laura and Hans said...

Very sorry to read about your engine problem and I truly hope it gets solved soon. As for the weather, we're here on the gulf coast of Florida and even for me ( a true northerner) it's freezing! And, is it just me or do partially submerged boats totally freak other people out?
I also hope Jib gets used to that hair cut, he looks mighty suspicious.