Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lynard Cay, Bahamas

We had a beautiful motor-sail to Lynard Cay this morning. It only took 3.5 hrs & conditions were great.

You wouldn't know it by looking at Jib. It's sort of turning out that Jib the sailor dog doesn't really like sailing. Even on a day like today....smooth waters, etc., the whole thing just makes him nervous. Poor guy. We do what we can to comfort him. And of course he has his favorite snuggle toy & blanket..(it's really a towel but Jib treats it like his favorite blankey).

Tomorrow is a big passage day. It's the biggest passage we do all season. Crossing the Gulf Stream takes longer but North Providence Channel is big blue water that is over 15,000 ft deep in places. That tends to make big waves. We've had some rough rides on this passage despite doing our best to plan around weather. I always feel a bit anxious about it. Not anxious like we might get hurt but anxious that I might get sea sick.....which I have, on two separate occasions doing this passage.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be smooth sailing just like today. I am shocked I have internet here but....yay!! I thought I'd better do a blog since I can't remember if we had internet at Royal Island last year. We may be stuck at Royal for several days due to weather so we'll see....

We're a little bummed we're going to miss the big game today. Go Denver & Payton Manning!! ;)

Love--Michelle, Scott & Jib


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