Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

Isn't she beautiful?!

Happy New Year everybody!!! Yes, this is a little late. Those of you who follow us on Facebook know that after hours of trying, my previous New Years blog vanished during the publishing phase. Ugh. I wanted to just say "forget it", but I want to share Junkanoo with you cuz it's so amazing.

We rang in the New Year at our favorite Bluff House Marina. It's a "fancy" dinner that Scott & I usually say is our Christmas gift to each other. It was "Italian Night" . The Marina looked beautiful, the food was good, there were all kinds of fancy olive oils & dressings. After dinner there was a bonfire on the beach and a major fireworks show at midnight. That's a big deal here. It had to be approved by the Bahamian police & fire department. It was a great night but the real draw for New Years in Green Turtle is the Junkanoo (carnival like parade) on New Years Day. True to form, it did not disappoint. Enjoy....

We started the afternoon sitting on the roof of the old pink jail....just people watching..


Main Street is getting busy....


Yay!! It's starting!!


I met this little girl at the Marina where she fell in love with Jib...whenever I see her in town she runs up to me & says "I know you!!" So cute


We found her!! I've been photographing her for 3 years at Junkanoo....she grew a foot this year...she always loves to strike a pose for me...




My favorite little drummer boy...





Here come the big drums...the beat is's tribal & totally awesome



After 90 minutes of junkanooing, dancing, drums, circling the whole town...the kids couldn't wait to dump their costumes in the big pile


These guys give it their "all"....90 minutes of beating his drum, he was bleeding....& he wasn't the only one.

Obviously, Junkanoo was fabulous. And now we're back to normal. Scott went diving today & speared 6 lobster. He's speared 19 this week. We gave 9 away to friends....can only store so much.

Hope everyone had a great New Years & I hope this blog will post since it's the 57th try....(just kidding) I don't know how many's the 2nd time I've written it.

I just walked a mile to try and get better success.

Love, m


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