Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Farmers Cay, Exumas

We have been having an amazing amount of fun since reaching the Exumas. It's soooo beautiful here. We've been to the Exumas before but this is the farthest south we've ever been. I'm so happy to have some "pretty good" internet that I think I'll just post some pics. Tomorrow we head to Georgetown. Sort of a cruisers Mecca. We've never been so it should be fun. We spent the past couple days at Little Farmers Cay for their February festival. What a blast!! Scott won the men's contest for cutest buns & nicest legs. The prize was a bottle of rum. I'd show ya the pics but I think Scott would kill me. Lol. Let me just say, I think the silver speedo is what won the crowd over. oh okay....I'll show ya....wish you coulda heard them cheer him on. It was fabulous.

Scott's turn at the hot buns contest....notice the guys in the back ground...
Scott collecting his prize with the 2nd place finisher....
Look at the guys now....they all just lost it when Scott flashed them with his awesome silver was epic.
Scott collecting his prize with the 2nd place finisher....

In between the weekend festivities we did a little island exploring. There is a great cave to "splunk" just north of Little Farmers Cay.

Yesterday the festival was in full swing & we spent the day with some great friends on s/v Last Waltz. There was a boat race & just all around good fun for the whole day.



Bahamian racer...

Hope the internet connection I have right now lasts for awhile. Love & miss everybody!!!


Michelle, Scott & Jib


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