Thursday, February 13, 2014

Georgetown, Exumas...It's gonna get windy!


As the title says, we are now in Georgetown, Exumas. This is a large city in the Exumas & yet, we still have so much beach & water to ourselves. There are probably close to 200 boats here but it doesn't seem crowded. In fact, we think it's really pretty here.

Malaika tucked in & ready for the storm...

We moved our boat today away from the main anchorage to try & get better protection for the next bit of weather. Heavy winds(25-35mph) expected out of the west tonight.....that big front hitting the east coast of the U.S. affects us here too.....there really just isn't a good spot in all of the Exumas for west winds but I think Scott found us a comfy place. We'll see.....

One trail to an ocean beach

In the couple of days we've been here we've just been exploring...checking things out.



We met these two young guys the other day....they have been paddling their kayaks all the way from BRAZIL!!!


Today...more exploring...before the weather hits...


So far for us, Georgetown seems cool. The reviews among the cruising community are mixed. Some people really dislike it here. There are a lot of boats, & the town is larger than any other in Exumas but to's ok. Seems like a great place to reprovision (there are groceries, laundry, banks, propane refill, etc) AND...because of the large number if boats there are TONS of social activities going on which are very well organized. I can see how after awhile, it would get "old" but for a week or's cool.

I'm not sure what my internet will be like the next couple days. The weather & a glitch in my Betelco (Bahamas phone company) may cause a problem...hopefully, we'll still have access. If not, I'll post as soon as possible.

Love & miss you

Michelle, Scott & Jib


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