Saturday, February 1, 2014

Even The Best Laid Plans....

So I know in the last blog I said we were leaving Staniel Cay the following morning & heading south to Georgetown but....we're still in Staniel. We woke up the next day & just didn't feel like moving I guess. So we didn't. Ho hum. Island time. The wind is not in our favor to move south now until next week so we're just chillaxin here. It's beautiful so, no problem mon' !!

Staniel Cay is a little cheaper than other places in the Exumas. I should clarify, when I say cheaper I mean beer, restaurant prices, etc. I have no idea what the Marina prices are but I do know it cost $15/day for wifi. Today we dinghied into town to run some errands. Our trash was piling up so we needed to deal with that. There is a very convenient dumpster next to the dinghy landing owned by the Staniel Cay Yacht Club cost $5 per bag to throw your trash there. can take a walk to the dump & toss it yourself for free, so that's what we did. Saved $10.

Scott was a little tired after our trip to the dump...the ciguatera is still lingering. Profound fatigue is one of the side effects. He has good days & bad days. On bad days he just has no energy.....which is very hard for Scott...he's a very active, fit person. Luckily, he feels good when he's in the water cuz' that's his favorite thing to do here. Ciguatera sucks. Anyways, he got comfy at the yacht club & I went to do a little grocery shopping.

My grocery trip was a total bust as the food boat comes on by Thursday there is nothing left. The gals told me to return Friday after 3:30 & I could get some tomatoes & eggs then. Which I'm sure I'll pay big bucks for. Which is ok. It's crazy how fresh veggies are such a luxury when you can't have them whenever you want. A dozen eggs will probably be $5 & the tomatoes will be around $3 each. But I'll be there at 3:30! I really don't know how locals afford things here. I thought at first maybe the locals paid different prices than us, but I don't think they do now. I've been in line behind seems we're all paying the same.

So anyways....we're off to take Jib to the beach & then go diving somewhere & then dinghy to town so I can get some tomatoes!

Love & Miss everybody!!! Xxxxoooo

Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib.

P.S. So....I've been trying to post this blog for a couple days. I took out all the pictures & maybe it will work now...??? While we're here in Staniel Cay, I'll be posting pics on Facebook. For whatever reason, it works there (still very slow) but not on the blog.

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Dana Vasatkova Pitchon said...

Staniel Cay is less expensive????I gues you found out. We are still in Spanish Wells. Probably till Friday.