Friday, January 16, 2015


Hey Everybody! Internet has been hit or miss lately. We've just been playing Island Hopscotch for awhile. Zig-zagging our way down the Exumas. (A chain of islands in Bahamas). It's so beautiful here.


We're here!

We are currently in Staniel Cay, Exumas. Slowly making our way to Georgetown.

Scott goes diving as much as possible. It's become an obsession. The weather has not cooperated lately but today's a good day so maybe we'll get some fresh dinner. We haven't seen much lobster this year. We dove a couple caves the other day. It was too rough to take pictures but they were really cool.

I need to keep this short because we're heading to town early before the weather shifts yet again. The grocery boat came in yesterday so I want to hit the grocery store before all the fresh veggies are gone.

Best grocery store in town!

I'll just share some pics. Things have been running well on the boat (knock on some wood please). We absolutely love our new dinghy motor. It's FAST.


Osprey nest


One beautiful sunset after another


We met a couple the other day who had the prettiest boat I've ever seen. (On the inside). On the outside it looks like a giant tug boat....only painted & cared for with meticulous effort. Not a smudge on it. The inside is amazing. What makes it really special is that Laura, the 1st mate, did ALL the design & woodwork herself....from scratch. When they bought the boat it was completely gutted.

The bathroom


Staircase to master suite. Again...all the wood work done by Laura....





The amazing engine room. There are 3 grown men sitting very comfortably in there. Includes washer & dryer too!



She even has a bathtub!!

Ahhhh...the luxury of a bathtub....feel blessed if you have one!

Exuma coastline facing the Atlantic.

Hope. All is well. Miss & love everybody.

Michelle, Scott & Jib.



P.S. I want to take a moment to remember my companion of 16 yrs. When our sailing life was becoming a reality, I knew I would have to find a home for Noah. Scott & Noah never got along anyway & I knew Noah would never adapt to the boat at that age. Luckily, my good friend Julie Olson adopted Noah. She always looked after him when I traveled over the years & they always got along. Which is saying something cuz' Noah only liked a select few people. :) Noah passed away on Monday. He would have been 20 years old in March. Thank You Olson family for loving him & giving him such a great home for his last few years. I will never forget that act of kindness. And Thank you Noah. For being my good buddy for so many years.

R.I.P. Noah Bear. I've loved you for 1/2 my life. And I will forever. See you someday buddy.



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