Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wherever The Wind Takes Us...

So we're walking down the beach & turn around to see a HUGE squall moved in.....rut roh...gonna get wet

It's been an interesting 2 weeks. We've been in Rock Sound waiting on our new dinghy motor, which arrived today! Woo hoo! It's like getting a new car!

Scott coming home with our new outboard motor...
Scott coming home with our new outboard....15hp 2 stroke Yamaha....SWEET!!

So far...we like it. However, we have to do all these "trial runs" getting the engine used to being used. The engines are so picky....everything has to be "just right". The oil to gas ratio, opening her to full speed...only after cajoling her for several days...it's all spelled out in the manual. It's a 2 stroke. Not even allowed or made in the USA but is VERY popular in every other country. And all our friends/everyone in the sailing community say it is superior to anything in the USA. Hope so.

My spoon

So, I love doing dishes on the new platform but sometimes I drop stuff & have to go get it...

Made some yummy pretzel bread...

Onions & peppers...

Basil, oregano, & mint...

Scott & Jib jerry juggin' some free water in Rock Sound.

Home Sweet Home.

We are heading out tomorrow for a new Island chain...the Exumas. Can't wait. They are really beautiful.




Love & miss you all. Internet may be sketchy for a little while....will post pics on Facebook when I can't blog.

Xxxooo Michelle, Scott & Jib


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