Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lucky Stars

My favorite picture this year......so far...

So....sometimes I just feel like I have to thank my lucky stars....well, really....thank God for the blessings in my life. We are in Georgetown, Exumas..Bahamas. It's awesome. It's sort of the big city for cruisers in this area. As of today there are 265 boats here. Lots to do! You would think with that many boats it would be too crowded but it's not. There are several anchorages & if you want to be alone here you can find a spot. But...there is also awesome grocery, laundry, hardware stores, etc.

Scott, Dan, & Dana at the cruisers potluck...


All our buddies

It's been a journey getting here. I'm not gonna lie....some days are harder than others. It's not all bliss sailing away..... I've written about this before. Living on 38 feet 24/7 with your partner can be very challenging sometimes. But then....just when your really mad, you realize...who else could I possibly do this with?!

My favorite person

Anyway, the other day we went to see some turtles. There is a bay right around here that our friends on S/V Corsair showed us that is a little turtle sanctuary. It was really awesome to play & feed turtles. Jib was sooooo intrigued!

Me & Jib feeding turtles
Scott fed them too...


This is our buddy Matt on s/v KoKoi....see Malaika in the background....we are the boat with maroon sail covers....we met Matt way back in our first year if cruising....great reunion


Good times. God has blessed us for sure!!