Friday, August 12, 2011

Boat pics

1st ride in our dinghy
Captain Scott
Dinner Time at th Schapker's
Wow. Owning a boat equels having a part time job. Alot of thought & time go into the boat. ALOT !! Nothing can exist on the boat unless it has 2 uses!!! We have been working really, washing, cleaning, finding leaks, scrubbing cushions, cleaning. I am shocked how quickly the days go by...the past few days we met an AWESOME couple...Dan &  Cheryl--sailing the past 5 years in their home CURIEUSE . They have helped us SOOOO much the past 2 days with our sails, supplies, dinghy, anchors, blah blah blah. It's a whole new world. We had a wonderful dinner on Curieuse lastnight. Thanks Dan & Cheryl !! Scott & I cleaned up the dinghy & got it in the water, attached the motor & cruised over to the neighbors. We need to get a better understanding of boat traffic rules---we found ourselves sandwiched between 2 enormous ferries wondering who goes first.It was so fun zipping around in the dinghy. Also got some great pics of the boat. Miss everyone!

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