Monday, August 1, 2011

New London, Connecticut or Bust !!!

Im writing tonight from Buffalo River, Tennessee. About 40 miles outside of Nashville. We left Phoenix Saturday morning in a crazed hurry. The last 36 hours were so stressful !! It really seems like a blur now. We were emotional Saturday saying bye to the house, but Scott refused to let me walk out of the house until I stopped crying & had a real smile on my face.  Even more emotional over these past few weeks saying bye to family & friends. We made it !! It's really happening!! I cant really believe it sometimes!
  The road trip has been long & kinda boring but I do think Scott picked the most scenic route possible. Arkansas & Tennessee were really pretty. And of course northern Arizona! :) Jesse has a great set up in the back with lots of padded space since we shipped almost all of our belongings. Despite the extra care Scott took to make Jesse comfy, he has been sick the past 2 days. Today, poor Jesse...had a bathroom emergency in the hummer. Jesse is so amazing. He tried for about 20 minutes to signal Scott & I. I thought he was just trying to snuggle up... he kept nudging us. Finally, he started pacing in his small space in the back of the hummer. We finally got the message. Scott pulled over on the shoulder of I-40 & with semi trucks whizzing by at 75 miles/hr...Jesse avoided what could've been, the worst code brown of our lives. Thank you Jesse for your willpower. One crisis diverted but shortly after, Jesse threw up in the back of the car. Hence, the reason I am writing from one of the most run down roadside motels we've ever stayed in. In Buffalo River, Tennessee. We decided Jesse need to rest. He has been sleeping soundly since we got here. :)
 Tomorrow we will pass through the rest of Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland... should be to the boat early Wednesday afternoon.  Cant wait to get there!!! Cant wait to get to my new home !!
 Scott is trying to figure out a way to avoid driving through New York City. Party pooper.

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