Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting Ready

Hi everyone! Slow on the updates this week---sorry. Update #1 Jesse--Scott & I discussed treatment options with our vet. Jesse has a type of lymphoma that does not have a cure but there are treatments (chemo) available. In the end, the 3 of us decided that Jesse's cancer is too advanced for those treatments. We put him on steroids which have made him more comfortable for  sure. He does not seem to be in any pain, still eating & drinking. He is just very lethargic. Still enjoys swimming so we've tried to take him as much as possible.
 All our other time is spent "commissioning" the boat. Sailing has it's own little language. Commissioning the boat means getting her ready for open water sailing. (I think) Our boat had been out of the water for over a year, & only sailed once in the past 2yrs so there are a million projects. Imagine moving into a house that hadnt been lived in for 2yrs. Scott has been working so hard on all the mechanical projects & Im trying to get the inside together. Our new friends Dan & Cheryl have been such a blessing!! We have learned so much from them. They come over from their boat everyday & help us. I dont know what we would of done without them! They have also agreed to sail south with us which is a huge relief for Scott & I. We were origianlly planning on leaving Connecticut in October but Dan & Cheryl say we have to head south by Sept 2nd @the latest to avoid weather issues so we are scrambling to get our boat ready.  Today we are taking her sailing for the 1st time!!!! So excited. Promise to tell ya all about it tomorrow. :)

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azkodiak said...

Looking good you guys. Post the pic's you took today can't wait