Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Thief In The Night

    So, one of the most difficult "boat projects" for us (Scott) to complete has been the on going leaking of our port lights (windows).

     Scott has spent hours & hours of research & labor trying to correct this problem. We think he has finally discovered how to seal our port lights up .... On Friday, Scott spent 12 hours taking each & every port light out, scraping all the puddy & adhesive, then applying a new bedding material he researched on line. So far, so good. We sprayed the window directly with the water hose & it also rained, & I think...he has finally conquered the battle of the port lights. HUGE accomplishment. What a great day!
Water tight port light
   We ended the long day by fishing off the dock with Jib & hanging out with our neighbors.
Good end to a long day of boat projects. Notice the bike in the lower right hand corner..belongs to our friend Ethan & is parked in front of his boat.

Scott & Jib fishing next to Malaika. Notice how we are the last boat on the dock.....
Everybody happy & dry (thanks to our new water tight port lights) & in bed by 11:00pm.
   The next morning we wake to find that we have all been robbed!!! Someone came onto the dock in the dark of the night & stole 4 fishing rods & Ethan's bike. We are convinced they snuck up by boat...docked next to Malaika & made off with what they could in less than 30 seconds. He only went up the dock 3 boats passed Malaika.
GRRRRRR!!!!!!  We are all so angry! We really do feel so violated!! I mean, really?!!! Fishing poles & a bike?   We did call the police & file reports but obviously,
Scott chatting up the lady cop about his missing fishing pole...
 fishing poles & bikes are not a huge priority...Sometimes I am just so disappointed in my fellow humans.
Our newly vacant fishing pole holder..  :(
So...big bummer. Big disappointment that a fellow boater would steal from other boaters. Thank goodness for our wonderful neighbors & all the other awesome cruisers we have met along the way in this journey...their acts of kindness far out weigh our little "run-in" with petty crime.
   The guys on the dock were pretty fired up about it. There was talk of a stake out...but they just went to bed instead. 
Love & Miss everybody!!

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Mike McGuire said...

Great job on the repairs. Did you use the putty/adhesive on both inside and outside? How long should that stuff last?

There's two things in this world I cannot stand...liars and thieves! Such a bummer you had your stuff stolen, but you're right about others' acts of kindness outweighing some petty theft. That's the best way to look at it.