Sunday, October 28, 2012

Toddler on Board!

Last year's post w/this picture was "Baby on Board"

I can hardly believe it's been a year since our sweet Jib came into our life. Wowza!! Time flies.
Happy Adoption Day Jib!! We love you so much!!!
   What a blessing he has been for us....we were meant to be a family. I think Jesse is probably very happy for us..
Check out Jib's ears....just when the winds were picking up...about 15-20mph at this point. We learned from this last hurricane encounter that Jib is completely unfazed by wind.
    So...we made it through Hurricane Sandy pretty easily really,   ....We had sustained winds of 25-35mph for about 18 hours....with gusts over 40- 50mph about every 15 minutes.  Nothing too terrible.
We are so thankful & are praying for all those who will be hit hard by Sandy....
Palm trees blowing in the wind at the marina

So, back to work! The boat projects continue...
Changing the oil...we ran the engine for 2 hours today...just's been 5.5 months since it's been on.  What a sweet relief that it just turned right on & purred for the next 120 minutes. We love sailing best, but let's face it...the engine is a vital organ of any boat. Happy ours passed it's physical.

Scrubbing the rust off our swim ladder...hope I don't get cancer from the chemicals involved in rust removal... Notice Malaika's hailing port on the boat...Phoenix! Don't see that on too many (any) sailboats.
   Now that Hurricane Sandy has breezed through, a cold front is descending on Florida. It is going to be in the 40's here by tomorrow night. BURRR!!!!
Sunset in the marina tonight. Red skies in the morn...sailors be skies at night...sailors delight!
The change in weather is a brisk reminder that it's time to head south. Many of us in the marina are paid up till Nov 1st & then we're off....OMG!!! Nov 1st is THURSDAY!!! SO much to do!!!
We will be sad to say good-bye to our Hidden Harbor Marina friends. I have a whole blog planned to highlight our fun times here & will post it in the next couple days. Stay Tuned !!!

Michelle, Scott & Jib


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Glad Sandy didn't affect ya'll too much! We can't believe it's almost November ... where did the year go?!

We'd better be catching up with ya'll next Spring or we're gonna lose our minds! =)

Beautiful sunset picture!

Mike McGuire said...

Jib looks like such a sweet dog! Hope our little canine girls do as well on board.

Just found your blog this morning...looking forward to following you.