Sunday, October 7, 2012

All Aboard!!

Scott & I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on October 3rd. Love you babe.
  After 6 long weeks apart the Schapker family is finally back together! :)  
I flew back to Florida on Tuesday & we are settling back into life together on Malaika.
Jib's back home on the beach!  All grown up too.
   Scott & Jib have already reacclimated to boat life since they have been here for awhile. I'm super happy to be on the boat...but I have been forgetting little things here & there. Like, turning off the propane when I'm done with the stove,  not running the faucet like there is a never ending supply of water, not considering the cloudy rainy skies we've had all week....

It is sooooo HUMID in Florida right now. UGH!

Which means our solar power is dampered slightly...ahhh!!!! It's finally starting to all come back to me.  Save power, save water.....
  Scott has completed so many projects on the boat. I can not believe what a carpenter/electrician he has become.
Scott doing some new wiring for our masthead lights. Basically, BRIGHT ligthts that shine on to the deck from the mast. 

Scott is all harnessed in & ready to climb our 52 foot mast

Going Up
Scott way up there...screwing in our new lights.
Scott's point of view. Yikes!!

The autopilot is complete...we just have to go out & test it! 
Ladies & gentlemen, I present you with our newly installed (by my hubby) autopilot. Scott also built that shelf out of wood & fiberglass...without drilling one single hole in the boat. That box has an arm that is connected to the rudder & will steer our boat based on instructions we give it from the cockpit. Wowza. Great job honey!

I'm so proud of all the projects Scott completed. I'll show some more tomorrow!!
  We've been having trouble with the internet at the marina since I've been home. It's working today so hopefully that will continue & I can do a blog at least every other day.
Love & Miss everybody!!!
Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib


matty said...

way to get right back into it. glad mr scott didn't have any incidents up the mast. i don't mind going up ours but it is not the funnest time. lindsey and are are about to head out to New Mexico then back to kindred we'll see you guys soon. looking forward to hanging out.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Happy Anniversary! What better way to spend it than all together on the sailboat! =)

lylaine said...

Hey, Happy Anniversary you two! Looks like Scott could hire out as a boat craftsman! Who knew he had so many hidden talents? (We should have guessed.) It's a cool 61 degrees here in Phoenix this morning. Great overnight rain has (finally) started to cool us down. Love to see what's new on the blog. Keep up the amazing job! :>)