Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Head" Aches

Scott fixing the Head
Today was not a fun day on Malaika. As I mentioned in the last blog....we have some chores to do. Unfortunately, one of those chores involves one of our toilets. Except, when you live on a boat it's not called a toilet. It's called the "head". Whatever you want to call it.....rebuilding it sucks. It was so gross. The whole process took 6 hours, a couple pairs of gloves, & some bleach. Yuk. Scott literally replaced every nut & bolt, every rubber ring, hose, etc. Who knew how complicated a little boat toilet could be. Now we know.

Oh..thank goodness for these oh so easy directions.
There were so many intricate details....I felt like I was in an operating room watching Scott do surgery. I sort of knew what he was doing but mostly...I just tried to hand him the tools he asked for. I'm so proud of him for figuring it all out.

Anywho....while Scott plugged away at the toilet, I cleaned up the rest of the boat. By the time 4pm rolled by we were both ready to just go have some fun. We took Jibby to the beach & then met our friends for happy hour. Proving once again that our worst day on the still better than working.

I sure do love this guy....he even fixes my toilet. You know it's love when....
Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib.



Anonymous said...

Dan did ours last winter it took about and hour.But Dan said he is proud of Scott!! Miss you Guys!!
Cheri and Dan

matty said...

ahhh what fun. but i would trade you for what we got going on right now