Saturday, February 16, 2013

Storm's Coming!


Scott & I left Treasure Cay 2 days ago. The weather forecast said things were going to get a little gnarly for a few days and while Treasure Cay offers a well protected anchorage, we needed to be settled in Marsh Harbor by Sunday/Monday to finish a few last things before our family comes next week. So...farewell to Treasure for now. We're safely tucked in Marsh Harbor for tonight's big blow. The weather has been crappy for 2 days already but tonight we're expecting 40mph north east winds. A good old Nor' Easter...Bahama style. It's been raining for 24 hours & the winds will be kicking in anytime now.

Rut Roh.
We were able to get some errands done Thursday when we first arrived, thankfully. We've been kinda stuck on the boat since yesterday. So...these are great days to do boat projects!

Scott re-wiring our macerator. AGAIN!
So, the macerator wiring is still giving us trouble. Scott has figured it out and now we're just waiting for bigger better wire from the U.S. We could get it here but it's 3X the price. We are still very undecided if the macerator was worth it. More gadgets...more problems. I guess it gives us something to do when we have bad weather.

Malaika's nervous system. Scott's in charge of that.

Rainy days are also a great chance to fill up some water jugs for FREE with our awesome collection system.
So, it's going to be a long night tonight. With 40mph winds, it's pretty much a sure thing that some boats will be dragging in the anchorage. Since 3 boats have already dragged down on us this season, Scott & I will probably be awake most of the night doing "anchor watch". In the wind & rain & darkness. Can't wait. However, it's still worth it to be here. :)

Dreaming of beach time

Fruit bowls are all stocked up! Just in time for the big storm.
Hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend with lots of good weather! :)

Love, Michelle, Scott, & Jib



Matthew Scarpelli said...

I love dragging! It's no fun unless someone is dragging. Already 4 boats have dragged this afternoon here. The only thing that could make my night better would be me dragging or even better the boat 12 feet off my bow right now dragging down on me. Good times!

P.s. Take that macerator and chuck it.

mellowseas said...

Marsh Harbor looks empty or is it just the pics? Making a long list of projects to be done in
shaw's cove and already planning next years Bahamas trip. No more CT winters for me!!


lylaine said...

Hang on tight! XO

Scott , Michelle Jesse, & Jib said...

Hey Matt! Yeah...dragging is so awesome! Hope you had a safe night. Was rough here. Wish we could chuck the macerator but our plumbing has been redone...we're stuck with it.

Scott , Michelle Jesse, & Jib said...

Hey Andy! Great to hear from you! Sucks your first winter at home for awhile is like the worst one in years! :(
Glad to hear your coming next year. We are too. We are for sure going to the Caribbean so not sure how long we'll be in Abaco. Marsh Harbor is surprisingly not packed considering the weather. The marinas are packed though & overall there are more boats this year than last.
Miss ya! Stay warm!

Scott , Michelle Jesse, & Jib said...

Lylaine! It was a lumpy bumpy night but we made it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys got pretty windy here as well! and Cold!! We had to llight the stove! We installed our new 215 watt solar panel and it is awesome!! Sorry to hear the macerator is giving you trouble! We will be going there next year too! Miss you stay safe ! Have you decided where you are going to leave the boat this summer??
Cheri and Dan

Scott , Michelle Jesse, & Jib said...

Cheri--glad to hear your solar panel project went well. Yes...the macerator is a thorn in our side...but oh well.
We don't know yet where we're going to park the boat. Are Bonnie & Lonnie going back to hidden harbor?
We'll be back to Bahamas next year too...passing thru on our way to Caribbean.
Love & Miss you. XO