Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Treasure Island

Actually, it's called Treasure Cay...they don't call them "islands" here in the Bahamas but this place is a stunner! A real treasure. No wonder it makes the "Top Ten Beaches in the world" list every year. We've been here several times now & it never disappoints.

The water always has the most amazing blue hues....sometimes it doesn't even look real. Kinda like when you stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon...it seems like a painting at 1st glance. The sand is so powder soft it actually feels like flour. If you're ever in Abaco, Bahamas this is a place you don't want to miss!

Definitely one of Jibs favorites!

Jib is so fascinated by the fish but he won't eat fish. He ate some of the Mahi Mahi we caught last year but none since.
Scott went spear fishing today with our friends Bob & Monique from s/v Last Waltz & speared this awesome "amber jack" ( we all looked it up in a fishing book.) He was delicious & fed all 4 of us. We had such a lovely evening enjoying Scott's catch of the day. Safe travels Last Waltz! We'll miss you two!

Tomorrow's plans are etched in jello. Maybe we'll stay here in Treasure...maybe we'll island hop somewhere else. We haven't decided. We are out of water so that is a priority. Luckily, here in Treasure there is a very easy fuel/water dock and the water is pretty cheap here (for the Bahamas.) $7.00 to fill the entire boat. 150 gallon tank plus all our jerry jugs for 7 bucks....not bad.


Yesterday we were just chillin' in the cockpit & a sea plane landed right behind our boat. Awesome.

Yesterday we also got to take "real" showers for the first time this year. Our last real shower was New Year's Eve. We do bathe...with our solar shower but nothing can replace the real deal. I am pretty sure when I pulled that shower curtain back & turned on that hot water...I heard angels start to sing. It was a Hallelujah moment.

Love & Miss everyone. XXOO

Michelle, Scott & Jib


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