Friday, February 1, 2013

Land Ho' !!! Abaco!


Had a rough ride crossing North Providence Channel on Thursday....
Sorry I've slacked off on the blog this week. Scott & I made our decision to leave Hatchet Bay to head back to Abaco by Wednesday, so Monday & Tuesday were busy chore days....well mostly. We still got some playtime in.

Scott loading water jugs with a little help from our friend Jamisha. In return we all had lunch together & Scott let her drive the dinghy.
Jamisha was thrilled to help out, although, I do think her real motivation was that Scott let her drive the dinghy. She had the day off from school because there was a national election in the Bahamas Monday. The sole thing they were voting on was whether or not to allow on-line gambling centers & a national lottery. For that, schools, government offices/services, & liqueur stores were closed. Bars were closed until 7pm. Everyone should be sober when voting on gambling. Anyway, we enjoyed our time with Jamisha.

She's smart as a whip & knows everything about the Bahamas. She wants to work for the Bahamas Tourist Office when she grows up. Scott & I are totally willing to vouch for her!

I wanted to mention that before those jugs are full in the dinghy & ready for the mother ship....Scott had to lug them about 3 blocks. Each jug when full weighs 50 100 pounds per trip. He did 8 trips. Gives a whole new meaning to chores. That is why Scott is strong like bull.

We were also reunited with our friends Tig & Serena from s/v Wildest Dream. We met them briefly in Florida at Hidden Harbor Marina in St. Augustine. Tig & Serena are also fairly new sailors so we can relate on a lot of issues. One big difference....they are Mom & Dad to V & O. V is..& I'm quoting here, " 4 and 1/4 yrs old." O is 2.

V & O having some lobster pasta on Malaika
I admire Tig & Serena for what they are doing. This has been a difficult learning curve for just Me & Scott & our dog. They have been doing the same thing with 2 really young kids. And what great kids!! We love hanging out with the entire Wildest Dream crew.

V has her wet suit on, snorkel & fins ready to go!

And there is the BEST 4 & 1/4 year old snorkeler I've ever known. You go girl!
We left Hatchet Bay on Wednesday. Our travel days have say the least...pretty sucky. As evidenced by the photo at the top of the blog. We had major heavy big seas while crossing North Providence Channel. I can honestly say it was the worst traveling on the boat that we have experienced. The inside of our boat looked like a tornado blew through.


Our bedroom after the crossing.

Whoa!!! Hang on!!
We are now safely anchored in Marsh Harbor. We have several boat projects to do before our family comes in a few weeks. YAY!!! We are soooo excited!!

Love & Miss everybody

Michelle, Scott, & Jib

P.S. The People of the Bahamas voted (by a land slide) NO for gambling.


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