Sunday, March 17, 2013

Barefoot Man


As expected, the Barefoot Man concert was a blast. I think most of the boats here in Abaco were there. Singing, dancing, & rum is a combo that almost never goes wrong. Nipper's was packed with hundreds of middle age adults partying like spring breakers.


Jib even got some beads that were thrown from the rooftop.
The Barefoot Man festivities continue through today but we have a good weather window to move north so we're crossing the Whale today and heading for Green Turtle of our favorite places. I think we'll hang out there for a few days & then head further north to an island called Allen's Pensacola. Once we go north of Green Turtle, the islands become much more "remote" so we're hoping to get some good diving in. We need to stock up on lobster before the season ends on Marsh 31st!!! Of course all these plans depend on weather.... so as usual these plans are etched in jello. We'll just see where the wind takes us! So, I better get a move on...we're going to pull the anchor soon & I want to get this posted. The Internet has been painfully slow lately. The last blog took 5 hours to post. Grrrr....

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! Love & miss you

Michelle, Scott & Jib

Yesterday at a Rake & Scrape. These musicians use saws, rakes, etc. to make music!

Looks like the perfect spot to recover from Barefoot Man

Beautiful little wooden sailboat

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