Sunday, March 24, 2013

Daddy Long Legs

Scott's big catch today
Another successful hunt today for Scott & Matt! The guys sure are having fun with the diving these days. Every morning they get up, check weather, & call each other on the radio to make dive plans. The reef off of Ocean Beach is quite a ways from shore so they don't spear any fish unless we are there in the dinghys where they can just quickly dump it in a bucket. It is not a wise thing to swim 200 yards to shore with a bleeding fish. We don't see sharks often, they mostly just mind their business....but they are definetely out there. Our brother Danny saw a hammerhead hanging out right under our dinghy his 1st day in the water. 2 days ago the guys took the dinghys out to the reef & Scott speared a good size fish. He quickly swam to the dinghy (which was very close by) & hopped in only to look back at the water and see a 6 foot shark right on his tail. The adventures never end on the high seas!

Headin' home with dinner

Jib is always trying to make friends

Jib dug a hole & tried to bury the lobster....he's never done that before! Guess some instincts are kicking in.
While today was warm & sunny, the weather hasn't been great lately. Yesterday it rained most of the day & tonight we are expecting heavy winds. Green Turtle Cay is absolutely one of our most favorite places...

What's not to love?! seem to drag in this anchorage more than others. And for some reason this year, we seem to have a dragging magnet. Even other boaters are joking about it. Malaika has been dragged down on by other boats 5 or 6 times this season! On Wednesday night, a massive catamaran almost took us out. Scott had to get in the dinghy & protect us from hitting. At midnight of course. Just as that disaster was diverted, another catamaran dragged right past us & slammed into a beautiful million dollar boat. Hearing the crunch of fiberglass hitting is almost nauseating. Anyway, looking like its gonna be a long night. We'll probably go to bed early so we can take turns doing "anchor watch". As I mentioned earlier, the adventures never end on the high seas!


Tired Jib after playing on the beach all morning. Fell asleep almost sitting up.
Love & miss everybody!! XXOO

Michelle, Scott & Jib


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