Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter


It's been a beautiful Sunday for us so far! We woke up early & got moving quickly to move Malaika to a marina for a day. My Easter surprise from Scott. We moved into a slip at Bluff House Marina....our favorite. (we've only stayed at 2 others, but hey..) We got to take real showers before hopping in the dinghy & heading to church. If you're a church goer.. I highly recommend "The Green Turtle Cay Community Fellowship". It's hard to find but ask around. It's worth it. The congregation is so full of love & the Pastor is one of the most dynamic, outstanding speakers I've ever experienced in the clergy. In today's Eastor sermon he moved me to tears. We left filled with the true spirit of Easter.

Now that we're in the marina...we've just been living it up marina style. Woo Hoo!

Scott got to watch some basketball!

Since we rarely splurge on marinas it's such a treat. Plus, many marinas offer a special deal called "Docking for Dollars". It works like this...they charge us a certain fee per length of our boat (at Bluff House it's $1.75/ft) BUT... you can eat & drink that equal amount in the clubhouse, essentially eliminating your dock fee. Of course, you can eat & drink too much if you don't keep track, which a lot of people do but Scott & I count every dollar so it ends up being a luxurious spoiled day for us for about $65.

Oh yeah, and as many showers as we want & high speed Internet.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter. Scott & I wish you much love & blessings. And also...we are so thankful for all our blessings. Now, enjoy some pics I've taken the past few days on Green Turtle. :) (I'm going to take every advantage of this high speed internet!)

Easter Egg Houses



Love--Michelle, Scott & Jib

P.S. turned out high speed Internet wasn't happening. Took 2 hours to do the blog. Oh well. Good thing it's Happy Hour..soooo..Scott & I have decided to take another shower tonight & maybe 2 more tomorrow before we leave....just cuz we can.


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